Monday, May 04, 2009

Leopard Fuzzy Robes, A crazy Jewel, & a Comeback!!!!

So its 7:55... I just went & got a fresh Diet Spite - good & cold... I've got my phone in case Erica texts me during the show about one of the dancers (by the way - SHUT UP JOE!) - got my pad of paper for notes because this is going to be a two dance night! I'm excited.... put the knitting down to prepare before the big show!!!
Anxious to see if Jewel opens her big mouth against Melissa tonight! Anyone else hear about this? Where she said in their world of Bull Riding - if you cant compete, you need to step out... sounds like someone wants her husband to win! Quit playing these "FOOLISH GAMES" Jewel...(like how I threw in her song....I'm slick like that!)
So - its 8:00.... I'm ready for a night of dancing.... & I'm LLIIIIVVVEEEE!!!!
Hold on... what day is it? Monday or Tuesday? Because we're starting off with the Pro's dancing? Wait up? I really enjoy dancing, but I dont plan on calling & giving my five votes to any of these people! Why are they wasting my time! Bring on Gilles... Melissa... Shawn! What is this madness????
Shawn & Mark - First Dance is the Quick Step! And we see the pressure is finally getting to this YOUNG GUN (As Len likes to call her).... poor thing! It seems to happen to everyone & I think even though she's the youngest, she may be one to hold out on "freaking out" the longest... a true athlete!
So immediately, my Disney ears are perking up!!!! "Friend like Me" from Aladdin... & then, because of the Genie, I'm all about loving the Blue Dress now! I was just waiting for Mark to rub her belly to see if she could give 3 wishes! But there was no need because Shawn had the magic touch herself & knocked out an adorable dance!
I'm really surprised Mark would put a break in the dance knowing how much of sticklers the judges are about such things... might as well put a toss flip in there too so Carrie Ann could be all over that... needless to say, their "perfect" dance has to be deducted a point because of that... Scores -9,9,9.....Can I take a Genie Lamp & boing it against Mark's head for the lost of a point?
SECOND DANCE -The Paso!!!! .... & and that is exactly why I LOVE Shawn...even when she's mad & yelling "Get out of my face" - she's smiling! Is she just not the cutest thing in the world! But Mark reminded her of her Olympic face & she knows she can bring it... & BROUGHT it she did! It was AWESOME!!! I was scared for Mark... did you see Shawn's back muscles? I think she could take Mark down if she had to! I just love this girl more & more every week! Scores = 10,9,10
Ty & Chelsea - Their first dance is the Argentine Tango. We saw that King of the Cowboys (Thanks Len for all the names tonight) can pull off a pretty mean Tango from last week but I think the pressure is on him too.... he knows this could be the last night for him... unless Jewel decides to get up & start a fight with someone else! When I see her in their room ask if he's ready for bed - I just have angry feelings for her now.... But I think what's even more disturbing.... why is this KING OF THE COWBOYS dressed in a fuzzy leopard robe? THAT is the question of the night!
There is no doubt our Bull Rider has strength! He lifted Chelsea up by what was virtually one arm & carried her across the floor. But he looked scared & oops, a mess up! I see Jewel on the sidelines.... so I'll just say he did an excellent job... dont want her yelling at me next! Scores - 8,9,8
SECOND DANCE - The Rhumba....before we even get started, I'm going to quote Len on just imagining this dance, which are my exact feelings - "Oh my good God!"... let's see how this is going to go.....
Poor Ty - he just doesnt have any hip movement - does he? But, you know what - I'm going to give it to the guy - he tried! I have to ask... did anyone else see him grab Chelsea across her chest... & I mean across her CHEST... catch what I'm saying???? I rewound it to make sure I saw that right!!! Oh my.... Its a good thing his solo was to go over & give his wife a kiss at the end.... Scores = 7, 7, 7Lil' Kim & Derek - first & foremost... I gotta say - how many women are brave enough out there to be on TV in a one piece, skin tight, spandex, body suit? Girlfriend has the guts! And we see once again, her nick name is the QUEEN BEE... I'm still not feeling this name! Not sure I understand it. Does she wear yellow & black all the time? Does she buzz around? Does she kill her mate? ... wait, that's a Black Widow... I'm so confused...
But they have the Waltz for their Ballroom Round & I thought she was stumbling, looked confused & not with it. I thought for sure the judges would RAVE about her - they do every week - but lo & behold - they agree.
Bruno's comment of "You dont like to be the Lady, but rather the Tramp".... after last week's comment of calling her a female dog.... its a wonder someone doesnt meet him in a dark alley! Lil' Kim had that night stick from that Jailhouse Rock Dance... Bruno might wanna watch it! She'll sick Jewel on his butt! Scores = 8,9,8
And did anyone notice Joe Piscopo in the crowd? That man was HILARIOUS in his day of SNL with Eddie Murphy... always wonder what happened to him. Didnt he go into body building? Seriously! Maybe he's going to be the surprise star that gets to dance with the try-out-people...& have his partner, Eddie Murphy be the other star? Oh, let me in charge of scheduling!!!
SECOND DANCE - Salsa! Is anyone thinking the judges already have their 10 paddles ready for this? All this talk about the "Bionic Bootie".... I want a nick name like that!
I personally thought it was a tad bit of a mess.... she was stumbling, confused looking, off beat, her & Derek weren't together.... if she gets 10's... I'm going to be disappointed... but I've seen it happen before. Scores = 9, 9, 9... OK - I have faith restored in the judges... no 10's!
Gilles & Cheryl - They are starting with the Fox Trot.... is it any surprise that the first few minutes, what do we see - Cheryl yelling & complaining? What is it with her? She just seems so grumpy this season! So, what do you do? Drag off your star & show him what professionals look like - because there are no other professionals around the studio you're working in? Anyways... I'm seeing people very elegant in beautiful dresses - very ballroom... & their dance comes out with Cheryl in a leopard dress with red gloves? I will say - she knows how to work Gilles sexiness... I thought the Fox Trot was supposed to be elegant... its official - he makes every dance HOT! Scores - 10,9,10
SECOND DANCE - the Rumba! OK - Cheryl is already known for putting Sexy in every dance... so the "Bedroom Dance".... what in the world is she going to have in this? Please, no more footage of her yelling & complaining though....
Well, I wasnt wrong... Cheryl had him rolling on top of her... is that salsa? Or ballroom? I'll chalk it up to tacky! And I wasnt digging that Solo... I think he was channeling the 80's - what was that? Some sort of Michael Jackson moonwalk? But he did do good... I think I was expecting more though.... Scores = 9,9,9
Melissa & Tony - aahh... my Melissa is back! And they now make a patch that is strong enough to take away broken bone pain? Where can I get one of those? WOW! They get to dance the Viennese Waltz. With her ballet action, I think all is going to be smooth & beautiful! And of course, it is.... with the pretty white thingies (am I technical or what) from her arms flowing in the wind, to her twirls, she was beautiful! I just kept thinking, "I wonder if she knows we can see her panties through that?"....
Did you see her dad & how proud he seemed clapping for her? And how cute her reactions are even when Jewel pays off the judges to be mean came through? (that's what I think happened & I'm sticking with it).... Scores = 9,9,9
SECOND DANCE - the Samba. I'm expecting big things from this dance too! I think if it weren't for a rib injury, Tony would be having her hips put on swivels - you can tell he wants it that bad! I'm not sure he still wouldnt have it done!....
Girlfriend has the MOVES... I loved everything about it... She is just so much fun to watch - she's smiling & looks like she's having the best fun!!!
HOLD UP... did Carrie Ann just say she was FLAWLESS???? And did I hear Melissa say her boob came out of her dress? Oh geez... that's embarassing! Hopefully the camera's missed it for her sake!!! Scores = 10, 10, 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!
Dang it... I was wrong.. no Joe P.... the stars are all previous competitors! I'm excited about seeing Cody back, but sorry he is with Afton - because she's my favorite. And what about Lisa coming back? Girlfriend will NOT leave this show - will she? Hope the lips are pumped up & ready.... they should have gotten some stars that have never danced... see how talented these three really are... or they could have given them Holly Madison... now THAT's showing talent if they can make her dance... Sorry Holly, you know its true... (You fell off a stool for goodness sake)
Tomorrow night is the best night of every season of Dancing with the Stars... DANCE CENTER!!!! Those are the funniest things EVER! I hope Jerry Rice is with him... with his eye glitter too!
So what did you think? Melissa just make you want to Samba right along? Did Shawn scare you with her amazing muscles? Do you think Gilles could order McDonalds & make it HOT? And can you figure out Ty in his Leopard Fuzzy Robe... I think I'm going to have nightmares about that one!
Onto the Semi-Finals!!!!


  1. I'm always excited for the show to be over so I can read what you thought! Haha. I thought Shawn was AMAZING tonight. Hands down my favorite for the evening. Melissa was definitely a close second though. Sorry to say... but it's time for Cowboy to go...

  2. Ok, first, I've gotta say that I missed the first 15 minutes because of a SOCCER BOOSTER MEETING!!! I mean, the high school season is over, and I'm only a liaison (no fundraising chair position for me, no thank you).

    Anyhoo, I hoofed it out of that meeting to get home in time to watch. Thank goodness the school is right next to my neighborhood!!

    Ok...on to MY comments, although it's hard to add to what you say each week!

    I missed the group dance you made reference to and Shawn's first dance. The episode is not online yet, but I will be sure to watch.

    Oh, and I'm totally lost about the Jewel thing. Girlfriend, now you're making me have to go google!

    I did see see Shawn's second dance. I was not bowled over by it, but she did capture the essence...the stern face and rigid movements. The ending was dramatic. And yes, I noticed her muscles. She's built. Good thing she's a sweetie. She could whoop anybody's butt.

    Ty and Chelsea - I love that she's so nice to him when they are training. Good for her. He is still such a sweetheart. I thought he executed the Tango well, but the Rumba...oy. Now, I LOVED the colors of their costumes. Beautiful! But it was kind of a strange dance. I LOVED his solo though...laughing so loud that Soccer Chick came running out of her room to see what was up. Without knowing all of the Jewel drama, I thought it was sweet.

    Kim and Derek - Totally off last night. You already know I don't care for her. I tried, I really did, to keep an open mind about her dancing. But, she reall did not do well. Blech. Public, do AuburnChick a favor and DO NOT VOTE FOR HER! Blech.

    Gilles and Cheryl - Hmmm...I liked the Foxtrot. It surprised me that he was so good, but the Rumba was icky. His opening was, indeed, weird. What kind of dancing was he doing sideways? If my man tried that out in front of me, I would probably have to hurl into the wastebasket. Not appealing. His facial expressions throughout the dance were way overdone. I think he tried to act it too much instead of being natural, which is what he did at the beginning of the competition. Blech.

    Melissa and Tony - The shining lights of the night. Her first dance and dress were magical. I even commented out loud to Chicky about the white thingy's hanging from her arms. They helped with the illusion of her gliding across the stage. And the Samba...WOWSA! Can I have her body? She's a gorgeous gal with smooth moves. She should win the whole thing. I was never a fan of her on the Bachelor (sorry, Rebecca, I know you were on her side), but I think this is more her place.

    Now, my comments about the tryouts for the new professional dancers. How disappointed was I to see Ms. Rinna on the show. Did you see the dorky way she threw her arms around when they announced her? Blech. I was not a fan of her during her season and still am not a fan. I did love Louie...her partner from her season. If they wanted to test the pro's, they should have brought back Kim Kardashian or Shannon aka Derek's girlfriend (not my favorites either, but these girls have not one dancing bone in their bodies).

    Boy am I glad that I'm not on the show. There's no telling what others would be saying about me! LOL

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Melissa and Tony. It is SOOOO Tony's season to win! I hadn't heard about the Jewell comment. Yes, Ty is sweet... but it is REALLY time for him to go.

  4. Oh wow, nope I didn't hear about Jewel's comment. I was wondering what was up with the robe, too. And honestly, I didn't know that was Jewel that asked if he was ready for bed. Haha! I thought it was Chelsea and I was, again, wondering what the HECK?!?! LOL

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Melissa & Shawn. I want one of them to win.

    And since it's now Wed I'm going to assume you've seen Tuesdays show and say WHAT THE HECK?!?! I totally thought Ty would be going home!

  5. Lil' Kim eliminated!!!! Grrrr!!!!

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