Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial day

AAHHH.. Memorial Day! A day off work - a day to gather with friends & hang out - a day to relax - a day to remember the people who sacrificed for our country... a day to SWEAT!

Why am I sweating? Our air conditioner is broke... sigh... Oh mercy, its been getting about 85-88 degrees in the house. Not fun... my only hope is some sweat will waste away some weight.

Luckily, our awesome friends, Lynn & Mickey had a cook out & it was the perfect place to be today! Not just because of the air conditioner - but to be with friends, eating some yumminess grilling, playing some Scrabble, singing some Karaoke, & challenging everyone in some Disney Scene It! A good day all around....

Emma, who is Lynn's grand baby & Rachel's daughter is just the cutest little girl you could come across!!! I love to call her Emma-Lou-Who because she has that cute, adorable look from the Dr. Seuss "Grinch" story.... She was killing me saying "Let me hold you"... I'd drop everything to pick her up with that! And to hear her sing "Jesus Loves Me" - it made me want to cry each time! Is there anything sweeter then a little one singing that?

Her brother, Levi, was busy bouncing along with the Karaoke

My friend Erica was able to get out of the house for a little bit... pray for her! She's on bed rest to the end of her pregnancy, which isnt very far - but just being down for 6 days is already driving her nuts.... we made sure she stayed down... we are so anxious for this baby to arrive!

& I'm going to leave you with a video of little miss Emma dancing.... this child danced ALL DAY long! And girlfriend has some RHYTHM!!! Get to about 42 seconds & watch how she is bouncing right in time with the music.... tell me she's just not the most adorable little thing ever!!!


  1. Sounds like it was a fun day!! Glad you got away from the no-air situation... yikes! Happy Memorial Day! :)

  2. Now if that isn't the cutest little dancing I don't know what is : ). So fun! Can I just tell you that I have met about a TON of Rebecca Jo's lately : ). I think we should do a roll call and see how many of us there are all together!

  3. She's adorable! Yaya's favorite song is Jesus Loves Me. She sings it when she's happy, sad, mad or worried. It gives me such joy to know she turns to music and of course God when she's upset. It seems I could learn a lot from my own daughter.

  4. She is really cute :-) glad you had a good Memorial day!

  5. so adorable!! glad you got some cool air and entertainment too. sounds like a great memorial day!

  6. Oh that is the cutest thing ever "Let me hold you" I would die if my neice said that to me!

    Yuck! That sucks without air conditioning! Ours is on the fritz right now so it's always a hit and miss. And boy is sucks when it's a miss!

  7. That's my kind of party! Is she wearing a tiara and no pants? Yup, my kind of party! ;)

  8. What fun, I love all the pictures! Glad you guys enjoyed yourself!


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