Monday, May 11, 2009


I LOVE my Polar Heart Rate Watch! I've had this thing for a few years now & you can tell... my blue has turned sorta grey, the band keeps falling apart (I even lost my watch during the Women of Faith conference & was so bummed - to only find it under my seat at the end of the night - THANK YOU LORD!)

Its quite the neat little contraption if you work out! You put a band around your chest - which at first I hated - now, I'll totally forget I have it on! Actually, I had it on yesterday when I went for a jog & then when I went to take my shower at night, I noticed I still had the chest strap on - totally forgot!

But you program your age, your weight, & it does the rest! It tells you your heart rate, your average heart rate for your work out, how long you were in the "zone" & how many calories you burn! And I didnt realize how important it is to be in this zone - you can work out not hard enough or even TOO hard for fat burning potential! Who knew! the way - it was funny - I had burned over 2,500 calories in the time it took to do the mini marathon!!!! Holy cow!!!!

I went for my jog yesterday & am doing a thing that I found on someone else's blog - wish I knew who so I could give a big THANKS! - but its - what I love about it - it has FREE music to download that has some decent beats... I love a rhythm to keep me going.

But it has intervals - where you change from walking to jogging. I looked at my watch & it is so cool to see how fast my heart recovers now... I can jog & my heart rate will get up to 160-170 & then when you go back to walking, it will take no time to drop back down to 120... the quicker it takes your heart to recover, the healthier & stronger your heart is becoming... not as long to do the panting & gasping for air... like that!

I thought about our recovery from life... when things hit us! Do we recover quickly from those things that make our heart pound? Or do we gasp & pant for awhile when some not so fun stuff hits us? Or do we rely on God who makes us stronger through Him to pull us through?

I want my heart to be full of Him so when life does throw things at me, it will be strong enough to take it - to recover - to get back on track - to prepare for the next thing thrown at me... because life is full of those same intervals...the ups & downs...
And just like exercise - when you miss a few days, it is QUICK that you can tell the difference... your heart wants to revert back to the way it was before you exercised!!! You gotta stick with it...keep your heart grounded in Christ so it doesnt have a chance to turn back... only get stronger!

How strong is your heart?


  1. What a neat little gizmo...I'll for sure have to check that site out...THANKS!!! I like to believe that I have a very strong heart...I'm grounded in my faith in GOD!

  2. Well, physically, my heart probably isn't doing so good, but I'm working on it, right? Spiritually, I hope I'm doing a little better. This morning I actually remember to pray at the outset of the day...most days it slips my mind.

  3. I was so excited when I staqrted reading this because I have been lookin for a good heart watch. And I also need a good get-up-off-the-couch-and-do-SOMETHING program. So, yay! And thank you!

    And then I read the rest. What a WORD! And I needed THAT more than the watch or program!

    Thank you!

  4. You always have such great analogies... You really pay attention to the things going on around you and relate them to your walk with Him. So very cool!

  5. I need to start moving again. This was something that I needed to read this morning. Thank you.

  6. That's cool! I should really get something like that. I really don't like exercising--but I do it anyway...

  7. good stuff!!!

    Plus I want the Monitor for my earthly progress as I have the monitor for my spiritual progress!!

    Jan :)

  8. Cool watch!

    And good stuff as always. I've already told you that I love your analogies / picture stories. =)

  9. I love the way you take every day topics and show us how it applys to our lives with God. You have a gift.

  10. I'm afraid if I hooked myself up to one of those little Gizmos it would scream STOP YOU'RE Killing me! LOL Just goes to show I need to get out there and workout more. MUCH MUCH MORE!

  11. That's really cool. When I start doing the "shred" that would be neat to have.

    I love how you find lessons in everything, even little random things lol :)


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