Monday, May 18, 2009

Late Night with Dancing

Its 10:45 & I have yet to watch Dancing with the Stars.... GASP - I KNOW!!!! I've had a busy evening & am finding the time to see it before I go to sleep... How do I sleep before I see this?

But anyways - it will be a quick recap - probably not alot to say anyways - just let Shawn Win... that's all I gotta say.. or Melissa... just not Cheryl!

We have a Paso Face off? Why did I have to see Bruno in a tiny bathing suit? that's going cause some nightmares! But dude does have a nice tan! And I love seeing Carrie Ann dance too... and it ALWAYS makes me smile to see Len dance. He's so dapper - so smooth! Bring on the Paso!

Gilles rocked it the best - I'll admit it. Guess all the yelling by Cheryl worked for him. I think the ladies looked too nervous... did Melissa even do the wrong move? And poor Shawn was cursed with the most hideous dress of the year.... But the judges are being all nice for Finale night - they usually are....

FREE STYLE!!!! This is what the whole year builds up to... I love when they put some funky song with some street moves... I can get my jam on with that stuff right there...

Shawn is up first - I guess Olympians stick together with the visit of Apollo Ono & did he put the pressure on? No Olympians have made the finals & NOT lost.... Oh geez.... poor girl!

I have nightmares from clowns because of their makeup...Shawn & Mark's get up is sort freaking me out! Glad that didn't last long... but how cute is she?? I wonder how many times I said that about all her dances? She is just adorable though... I have to say - I didnt really care for the dance... I like the Mario Lopez sorta stuff - not ballroom dances like the jive in this... but again, judges are nice on Finale night. I dont care if I didnt like it - I still wont mind if this cutie wins! And I just hope she can live with the pressure that Apollo put on her... the cursed life of an Olympian!!!!

Melissa & Tony - & before they even showed that dreaded Disco scene from Season 2 - I remembered it! I too was so disappointed that Stacy K went out in 3rd place - but that dance had no sizzle & she could DANCE!! So I hope Tony has learned his lesson & got all funky on us now! I know he's learned to get a bang in the face if anything! And it looks like he's once again forgot Melissa has a broken rib... MUST WIN THE TROPHY!!!!

OK - the music made me happy & the outfits look like some jamming is going to occur... so what the heck was that? A mix of Latin dances with black Reebok's on? Weird! I wasn't digging it! At all...... And what the heck sorta shirt is on Tony? Oh my - that's horrible.... I hate this is the way it went out for her... Tony isn't a hip-hop sorta guy either... Disappointing....

Gilles & Screamer - Oh, I mean Cheryl - We see he too gets the magic patch that Melissa used for her ribs on his shoulder! I still say I want one of those.... I think it can cause World Peace... they seem to have fairy dust in these things!

OK - a throw back to the 80's usually makes me happy... but I wasnt feeling this one either? What's the deal... it is because I'm tired? And what is the deal with ripped shirt - did Cheryl do that while she was yelling before she came out? I just wasnt getting it! Did dude even dance? It just looked like he was too busy lifting up Cheryl in the air... Disappointing...

So its late... I'm tired... I've still got alot to do before bed... & I'm just disappointed... anyone else a little let down about the last dances? I dont even think I have a favorite dance - thought they were all pretty blah...

Over all, who do I want to win? I really dont care! Gilles is my least favorite ONLY because of Cheryl - but you all know my despise of her. I would like to see Shawn win because she's just cute (did I say that again?) & I LOVE Mark! Would like to see him become a two-time champ. I would really like to see Melissa win just because poor girl was dumped on the Bachelor! It always goes back to that... tell me you dont want her disappointed either? She can dance though... & I LOVE Tony! He deservces his FIRST win!!! My two favorite guys made it to the finales in Mark & Tony! Go guys! So even though the night ended on a sour note for me - its been a good year full of great dancing...

With Gilles & his Superman dance - with Melissa & her Latin Dances- with Shawn & her "Friend like me" dance - with Holly falling off a stool - & Steve O tripping into the step - & Steve W doing the worm... its a year full of memories...

Who do you want to win? And remember... So you Think you can Dance starts THURSDAY!!! Oh, the dancing lives on.....


  1. OK, after last night, I'm pulling for Shawn, too! Like you, I don't want Cheryl to win, either! Aren't we terrible? :)

  2. I don't know who I'm pulling for yet....loved reading your reviews!! :)

  3. This is why I don't need to watch--I can get all caught up here! : )

  4. Hi Rebecca.....
    just stopping by to say hello.

  5. THURSDAY!!! This is why I should watch some commercials, I didn't even know SYTYCD starts this week!!! I'm so excited!

  6. I think Shawn killed it last night!!!! I don't know... I thought her freestyle was awesome. Especially compared to the other two--they were just odd. I thought Shawn was the underdog going into last night... but after her performance I'd love to see her win. Admittedly though, they are ALL very good!

  7. I don't watch DWTS, but I can't wait for SYTYCD to start back up!

  8. My breakdown...

    But first...ugh...I could have totally done without seeing Bruno in his scivys.

    Paso - Gilles did a better job this time than before, but I liked Melissa's dance best. Shawn's was a bit of a disappointment, but after her Argentine dance last week, I think all others pale.

    Freestyle...I think I've always been a bit disappointed by the freestyles. We have all of these built up expectations and then...nothing.

    I was not enthusiastic about Shawn's. Poor thing. I love them both, but it just didn't do anything for me.

    I may be in the minority, but I really liked Melissa and Tony's dance! It looked like she was having so much fun, and it was good to see her kick back. I think some of those moves could have been from her cheerleading days. I think they should have gotten better marks.

    Gilles and Cheryl...blech. I have never been a fan of him and the way they were pawing each other.


    I will admit that I called for the first time ever...and got through twice. No disrespect, but I voted for Melissa. Not because she got booted off of the Bachelor (didn't like her then), but because I think she has the most natural talent. I could watch her dance any day.

  9. Yes Yes I know it is Wednesday and I'm commenting on a Monday post ~~ how wrong as I? anyway...

    I LOVED Shawn's freestyle. I think you should watch it again with fresh eyes....girls got some moves. The other two? What in the world?

    And do the happy dance with me ~~ Go Shawn ~~ Go Shawn!!! I was sooooooo happy she won!!

    Have a Blessed day,


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