Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is well...

I love old hymns... they remind me of growing up in the Baptist church with my parents. Nothing like an old hymnal. I always love to see REALLY old ones with the beautiful writing in it & the pages have yellowed. I've seen some beautiful art work out of old hymn pages....

But think how long these songs have been around! Most of the hymnals are full of the same songs that have spanned the generations!

One song is "It is well with my soul"

We had a guest speaker at church a few weeks back that used this song in his message & I have sang the song & loved the words, but never knew the story behind it. Below is the video that was shown - if you havent ever heard the story of this song, I truly encourage you to take 3 minutes out of your life to watch this - you will be so blessed! You wont be able to hear the song the same again!

The lyrics of this song just bring tears to my eyes every time!

My sin, oh the bliss, of this glorious thought! My sin, not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross, & I bear it no more, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, O MY SOUL!

That verse right there can drop me to my knees....Just the combination of those words - SIN and BLISS & GLORIOUS THOUGHT... that those words CAN be used in the same sentence! That we dont have to bear it any more... how can you not just want to scream PRAISE THE LORD!!!

I guess what just touches me is that the tragedy that was handed to this man and in everything, he said, its OK Lord - I know you are in control! And then I look at my own life & how I whine & complain about the small things in life.

Oh - that in every situation - no matter what comes - the good, the bad, the happy, the tragic - everything - we should have faith in our Father & say, "It is well with my soul"



    This is my favorite version of this sone (which is one of my favorite songs)'s Selah...they have so much emotion in their words.

    This is Jeff's favorite version...about 2:30 David Phelps sings and oh me tears every time.

  2. This song holds special significance for was sung at my Mom's funeral and it was so very fitting for how my brothers, our Dad, and I were feeling. I never knew the story behind it, but I can assure you I'll never forget. Thank you SO much for posting about this beautiful hymn.

  3. OH, I am bawlin up in here ... cryin with praise to my Lord - my favorite way to start the day!

    Love ya!

  4. Rebecca,
    When you know the story, the song takes on new meaning doesn't it?

    This is one that I reworked on the piano, because it is one of my all time favorite hymns.

    anyway... I'm off to go play this one =)

    Love you,

  5. That has always been one of my favorites... along with Blessed Assurance....

    I received a book one year from my mom about all the different hymns and how they came about... so many touching stories...

    Isn't it funny though... we don't often think that a touching story might be behind one of the new Christian sogns of today... but I bet that there are so many that bear the same thoughts behind them...

  6. So amazing...I had known part of the story behind the hymn, but not all of it. This is also one of my favorite hymns. Thank you so much for sharing, it was EXACTLY what I needed today. :)

  7. I love that Hymn....I love most of the ole Hymns. And that story was very touching. It is amazing how some people have the strength to push through and Glorify God even in the toughest circumstances. He reminded me of Job.

  8. Great post! :-) I love old hymns!!

  9. How beautiful as always, always touch my heart. Have a beautiful day my dear :)

  10. That is one of my favorite hymns. I am a big crier when it comes to songs that touch my heart. That is one of them. Have a beautiful DAY!

  11. Ohhh... I got goosebumps!!!

    What a lovely song!!!

    One song that does that for me goes...

    "I lift my eyes up.... to the mountains... where does my help come from... my help comes from You... maker of Heaven, Creator of the Earth... You are my only hope... You are my only prayer...

  12. AMEN!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special. You might also like my blog

  13. wow! great post! Great song too!

  14. I love old hymns, too - especially that one! It's just so peaceful and soothing. Puts me in a better mood automatically.

  15. You won't believe this but our minister just shared this same story with our congregation last SUNDAY! I love that hymn! Always have!

  16. I love that hymn. I too grew up in a baptist church, hello preachers daughter! And we had those great red hymnals! Still love them. One of my all time favorites is

    "Just a Closer Walk with Thee!"

    PS! I've moved: You can now find me at

  17. I love that song. I think I'll be humming it all day long now! I love singing hymns in the car too! Great place to worship :)

  18. At my old church, we had an elderly member who would sing this song at least once a month.

    I had never heard it before then.

    It quickly became one of my favorites, for the words and for the fact that Brother Keith was so passionately in love with it and shared that passion with us.

    He passed away almost ten years ago, but I still think of him when I hear these lyrics.

    Great post!

  19. This is one of my favorite hymns too, and I every time I sing that verse I am just so grateful for what Jesus did on the cross. Because of that alone I should be able to say "whatever my lot, it is well."

  20. WOW! What a story! I love this hymn and I'll never hear it the same again.

  21. I am catching up on about two month's worth of blog reading!! ;)
    I love this is one of my favorites...and my favorite part is the part that you quoted. God is so awesome, isn't He?


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