Monday, May 11, 2009

Officially a Cheryl Hater, my feet are a Hot mess & OGROT!!!!

We are at the semi-finals! Can you believe it? Next week is the FINALS? I gotta clear my calendar... no one call my home, no one expect me anywhere... I've got to watch the ball room trophy go to Ty!!! NOOO!!!! It cant end like that - but who'd expect him to make it to the Final Four? I'm anxious to see how low of scores the judges give tonight to try & help boot him out! We'll see.... I'm anxiously awaiting a fun night of dance... got my Diet Sprite, just combed out my wet hair from my early shower... & its LLLLIIIVVEEEE!!!!!

Another professional dance? Wait - isn't that Alec's brother? I thought he got kicked off last week... & he's a dancing pro anyways? He'll be a star after all... I mean, Louie isnt dancing with anyone & every week, his choreography gets him more attention then anyone else. And who was the blond? And Chelsie was dancing? First of many things to get Ty off the show- take a chance of Chelsie twisting an ankle before her & Ty can even dance tonight... I'm all about conspiracy theories!
Melissa & Tony - so we see in their recap that the hardest part for her is to walk backwards. Ok, throw you over Tony's head, do a spin in between the legs, kick as high as your head - all that is no problem - but walking backwards... gets ya every time!

Tonight is the Quickstep first - & we are focusing on the feet - & my response- WHO CARES? I dont think one time I ever heard someone in the "real world" say, "Did you notice Melissa's didnt lead with her heels?"... nope, not one time have I heard that....& we hear Tony is going to push her even further? Poor girl already has a broken rib! Doesnt matter! He manages to spin her by one arm (& isnt that the side her rib is broke?) around a few times & see if he can stretch that rib back in place! I have to say though - I had a good little laugh at Tony doing "twinkle toes" or even skipping across the floor! All I know - my new favorite saying is "my feet are a hot mess"! I'm totally using that in a sentence tomorrow! Scores = 9,10,9

I'm sticking with my theory - Operation Get Rid of Ty! (OGROT) - if they give Melissa 9's... then it wont look so bad when they give Ty a 5... I'll see if I'm right!

We get to see Melissa is from the great state of Texas & a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader... & wait - holy cow - her parents talking!!!! These people are supposed to be all secretive - anyone else remember how they wouldnt even let their VOICE be on the Bachelor? Take that Jason! They like Tom Bergeron better then you!

Second Dance - Cha Cha.... I will take the words of Len - "I liked it, but not as much as I was expecting to" - that scares me that I agree with Len on Melissa! It didnt really wow me... Scores - 9,9,9 - no perfect scores for her tonight!

Gilles & Cheryl - In their review, it has officially caused me to hate Cheryl! Yep.. that was it - pushed me over the edge! In reviewing the previous dances, Cheryl is sitting there complaining about what Gilles did wrong. Then he said the hardest part of the Paso was acting like he was killing Cheryl? Oh... let me have a stab at that dance (pun intended?)... even Tom is commenting on her "crankiness"... yep - official - really dont care for Cheryl!

First Dance - The Waltz. Lucky for Gilles, he had Jonathan come in & for once, he learned without anyone yelling at him! I always loved Jonathan - even though he did create that nightmare of a Final dance with Marie Osmond as a baby doll....I think I'll have nightmares again bringing it up! The waltz was beautiful though! Gilles looks so nice in his subtle color suit, very romantic, very Dreamy! And to hear him, in his accent, talk about his "Passion" for his new love... that alone will make women sign up for dance classes thinking there are men like that in dance halls! Scores - 10, 10, 10

We get to see Gilles is from the South of France.... & he has good looking French friends who totally ratted his obsession with Michael Jackson. That's where that horrible move came from on his solo! I wonder if he took it personally that everyone made fun of that move... oops!

Second Dance -Mambo. I have to wonder - did he spill something on his original pants & they have to pull out those blue ones? I'd be calling Stacy & Clinton on this mix up!!! I guess Len doesnt mind though because he wants to have an "11" paddle... did anyone have ANY doubt he couldnt pull of another Latin dance? Dude can shake it!!! Scores - 10,10,10

Shawn & Mark - in their review - we find her "breakthrough" dances were both from last week - HUH? She got through this far without having a great dance? No... Shawn - have more confidence then that!!!! I, for one, have enjoyed EVERY dance she's done!!! Love this giggly girl!

First Dance - Argentine Tango! Can I say, from the get go - how good looking is Mark in his little suit, eye liner & hat!!! And how much older does Shawn look in this dress for the dance? They look so great together! Shawn had fears about her jumps? Shouldnt have! Mark was throwing her around like she was a feather! I am so impressed every week with this girl! & always end each dance she does with a "Man - she looks like her mom" when they span to her parents in the audience! Dang - she does!!!! Scores - 10,10,10

We see Shawn flipping as a itty bitty thing!!!! How cute is that! How does a 6 yr old have muscles in her legs? Talk about a life dedicated!

Second Dance - Jive! How cute is she in her little pig tails! We are in polka dot madness too! And the shoes throw me back to Kristi's jive! She was adorable - looked like a 17 yr old! Scores - 9,8,9 (an 8? seriously? ... oh, I get it... OGROT!!!!)

Ty & Chelsie - In their review, we once again see Ty's strength but huh? The Lindy Hop is considered Latin? Poor guy aint got a Latin bone in his body - does he?

First dance - Viennese Waltz. I thought Ty would at least have this ballroom dance! He's usually so good! But once again - OGROT kicks in from the beginning with Chelsie's dress!!! Who the heck designed that? It looks like something from the 70's - & not a good vintage thing! A messed up, funky, belted, ugliness! I think it distracted him - or the nerves got him. Poor guy was stumbling, tripping, just plain messing up! All the while keeping a smile on his face! How do you not love him - even when he's screwing up? you gotta love him - you dont have to vote for him - but you can still love him! Scores - 8,9,8

We see - shocker - that Ty has been a cowboy since birth! Who knew they made chaps that small for kiddos! (Actually - my dad probably knew that fact) - Can I ask - who puts a 2 yr old on the back of a calf? WOW! Well - my dad had my nieces on the back of horses pretty young too! Those cowboy folk -what can you say....

Second Dance - the Samba...I have to say - it wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be! And his little booty shaking was just funny - in a cute way! He doesnt give up though - does he? Again - I will say - you gotta LOVE him! Scores - 8,7,8....
Well my OGROT didnt go as BAD as I thought... I thought it would be WAY lower scores... so I think Ty COULD possibly stay! Oh geez....

So what do you think? Think Ty could pull it out again? Ready for the finals? Think Shawn looks just like her mom? Think its odd Ty's family put a baby on the back of a running calf?
And anyone else excited about the drama they showed from the previews of the Bachlorette?


  1. I have never been on a calf but my kids were put on sheep to try and hang on for dear life! Good times at the children's rodeo...

  2. Muah thanks for the update. This poor deprived ABC girl.

  3. I'm so torn between Melissa and Ty! Your recaps ROCK!!!

  4. If you were reading my FB updates, you KNEW I was eagerly awaiting DWTS!! Woo Hoo!

    First off, I was mighty peeved that they wasted an entire hour recapping. C'mon people. Just get it over with!

    Ok...rant over...for now.

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the group dance. Wowsa! That Louie is one of my favs! Watching the professionals do their thing always makes me think of the movie Dirty Dancing...where the pro's have to dance for the hotel guests. Do you remember a few seasons ago when they did that famous dance at the end? Be still my beating heart.

    Focus, AuburnChick, focus.

    Melissa and Tony - Loved the Quickstep. It was so old-fashioned and just lovely. I totally did not get the judges' comments. The second dance...well, I agreed. With the flashy costumes, I figured it would be better, but the music was too slow for a really great Cha Cha. Bummer.

    Gilles and Cheryl - Way overrated, IMHO. I thought he looked a bit aloof during the Waltz, although I loved Jonathan coming in. He's quiet and respectful of all of his pupils. Totally love him. But Gilles held his head too far away from he was inspecting her from a distance. Maybe he was? The second dance was fine, but I always think he over dances the dances, so to speak. As far as his personal story...I LOVED it!!! My dad was from Nice (south France), so I totally "got" Gilles' story. Made me wistful with all of the French accents.

    Shawn and Mark - Oh wow, the Argentine Tango...Va Va Voom! She looked so mature and, quite simply, amazing. I've often thought that her make-up/hair people don't do her justice. I like the fresh-scrubbed, teenager look. But they got it right for this dance! She was fierce and complimented Mark's moves perfectly! Well-deserved 10's. The second dance seemed a bit off. I think it was the fast pace...seemed like she missed some steps. Maybe I'm being overly particular.

    Ty and Chelsey - I do love Ty. He's such a gentleman and oh so shy. The poor guy really struggled in that first dance. I thought he made a nice comeback in the second dance. Thank goodness!

    I would love to see him in the finals with Shawn and Melissa. Yep...that's my top three. Maybe there will be another upset? It would sure make some jaws drop, eh?

    Oh, and what was up with the judges last night? They need some Prozac or something! This is supposed to be a FUN show. C'mon...lighten up!

  5. You crack me up - it was your reviews that got me watchin in the first place ... my hubb thanks you!

    I just stinkin LOVE Melissa. And that is all I have to say about that!

  6. Did you say the Finals are coming up???

    Thank Goodness, it's almost over!!

  7. Last night I actually watched the last hour of this... JUST FOR YOU!!! While I haven't been following, I have to say that the most interesting part for me was the video of Ty on the back of a calf as a 3 year old... what the heck??? Talk about hard core rodeo!!! And the dancing didn't suck... so that was a bonus!!!

  8. Oh gosh, I don't know! Maybe Melissa? I just can't decide!

  9. My votes are on Melissa!!! Then Shawn. I'm right there with you on Cheryl. Cranky for sure!!

  10. I'm sad that Ty's gone. He was just so cute! But I do think that the best three are left. It's going to be a tough finale for sure!

    I can NOT imagine putting a child so young on a calf. Sheesh! I guess if you're born to be a cowboy no one can stop ya though!

    And I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the Bachelorette!! EEEKKK!!!


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