Friday, May 01, 2009

Cheering on!

One final thing about the marathon & I'll quit talking about it... but this has stuck with me all week....what has stuck with me? A stranger's face....

The one thing that I had during this marathon was support & encouragement from the people I know! My most awesome friend, Lynn was up sending me a text of encouragement & prayer at 5:45 AM!!!! the day of the race! That was the coolest surprise! She also gave me the coolest gift afterwards - a card that when you opened sang "I'm every woman"!!!! & a pack of PRINCESS BAND AIDS for my Blisters... (I think Ricky used more of them then me... he looked so cute with Princess's on his feet!...sshhh - dont tell him I told you that!). I also was getting text from my hilarious friend, Erica who just kept telling me to RUN, RUN, RUN! My dad called Ricky to see if I was still alive - Ryan called to see if we were making it through - my friend Joe who was telling me DAYS before that I was going to live through it (I doubted it!) .... my husband who supported me in ways that I cant put into much encouragement.

But it was so cool to see people on the side lines.... HUNDREDS of people who stood out there & would cheer you on! Stranger who have no idea who you are, standing there saying "Good job - you can do it - you're almost there - dont give up"... little kids with their hands out to give you a high five as you run by! It was amazing the encouragement that was out there!

There was one lady that stands out to me.... I was after that 10 miles "WALL" & was struggling... there was a lady who looked like she was in her 70's - she was sitting in a chair on the side of the road with another lady who looked about the same age. They were so cute with their little lawn chairs & sitting in the shade & just smiling at everyone as they trekked by.

I happened to look up at her - which if you remember, I was keeping my head down at this point because it was so discouraging seeing people running past me - but our eyes crossed. She smiled the biggest smile & then I looked away.... then I heard her voice LOUD & Clear... I looked back up as she was looking right at me & said "You can do this... you are going to make it... you are doing so good!".... I just looked right back at her & she smiled the biggest smile & gave me a thumbs up! I cant tell you the booster shot that gave me....

The power of encouragement....

I dont think we realize how important it is... I know you out there in Bloggy land are FULL of encouragement - I witnessed it & felt it...

But I think we need to be even more aware of it in our lives - our encouragement to strangers! Just like that woman who I'll never know her name - but I'll never forget her face... sometimes a stranger can be the boost you need - someone to tell you that you CAN do it!

I'm putting a challenge out there - Be a voice of encouragement to a stranger this week...

Whether it be a cashier at the grocery - tell them they are doing a great job!
Whether it be someone at a sports game your child is in - tell someone you dont know - you are doing awesome!
Whether its someone you can tell looks sad & down - tell them things are going to get better!

Be loud & bold in encouragement!!! It makes all the difference in the world!!!


  1. I love that idea!! It can make a huge difference to someone!

  2. I couldn't agree more...some words of encouragement can make a huge difference!

  3. I could almost guarantee that the times I've been encouraged in my life were times that I seen angels speaking to me.

    Who knows? Maybe those words of encouragement you received were from the lips of angels!

  4. Ah, I've been thinking about this topic all week. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  5. It never fails, I come to your blog and you remind me of the basics. The way we should always treat each other. I think we all get bogged down with our lives and forget basic human kindness.
    Thank you for always reminding me.

  6. This is a great idea and a great reminder. We CAN be someone else's biggest encourager, even if we don't know them! I'm going to do it in honor of the smiling lady. =)

  7. When I did the 3-day 60 mile walk, those cheering stations with people coming out were the biggest boost ever!

    I agree about encouraging others. I make it a point when I'm at any type of store (food, groceries, gas, etc) that I look up at the cashier and say "Thanks!" with a smile. It does a world of good!!

  8. I couldn't agree more about the power of encouragement! You know, people are so quick to complain about something that they don't like or that doesn't go right, but they aren't near as quick to praise someone for a job well done.

    I always try to be an encouragement to others, but I pray that the Lord would make me even more sensitive to how my words might encourage someone else. Thanks for once again "encouraging" me to be a better person!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  9. I always try to do this, I know I like a thank you or just that smile. I've been a cashier before and some people just suck ... LOL it's always nice to have a smiling face!

  10. I think some people have the gift of encouragement...knowing just when to say the right thing.

    At Chicky's last round of state playoff games, there was a lovely older lady from New Jersey staying at our hotel. She and her husband were shopping for a condo...going to move down, I think.

    She was dressed to the hilt in extremely expensive jewelry and designer threads. Very class.

    She took the time to stop and speak to a couple of us in the lobby that Saturday night, and the following Sunday morning, I watched as she spoke to several players from another team...encouraging them and wishing them luck.

    I draw inspiration from people like this and want to imitate them.

  11. What a wonderful idea!
    I would like to thank you for your words of encouragement to me these past few weeks. Thank you my precious blog sister...Julie

  12. I'm so proud of you!

  13. I'm proud of you too. That's certainly one thing I'm NOT being called to. And the encouragement easy when it's someone very close to you, or even a stranger...but what about those that haven't been so nice to you? I think that's the harder time to be encouraging to those who really don't like you back. What sort of impact does that make? I'm pretty sure I can see Jesus smiling in those moments.

    Congratulations on making it through the race!

  14. Oh what a wonderful world this would be if we would all be encouragers. Your post made me think about what heaven is like when a lost soul accepts Jesus, cheering,clapping celebrating. If we could all realize victory is ours!!

  15. Wow how the smallest good deeds can make a huge difference in a persons life! What a sweet old woman!

    And it sounds like you have wonderful friends who were a great support system for you! Very cute bandaids! I would wear them if I had an owie or not!

  16. love, love, love this!!! thank you for the encouragement you are to me!! :)

  17. that is so awesome! what an amazing experience for you. i'm so happy you had people to build you up.

  18. Aww, that made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. That's so awesome that she saw you were struggling and gave you the words of encouragement you needed right when you needed it!


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