Saturday, May 30, 2009

Six Word Saturday


This morning - I got to join my friends in support of that cute little girl - Emma! Remember her? The one from the Dancing Video from Memorial Weekend... here's a reminder of how cute she is!

Emma has Rhematoid Arthritis & she just turned two years old. She has it in her knees & just yesterday found out it is now in her neck & possibly her hips...Pray for this little Angel!!! Her joints swell up & its painful for her mommy to even touch her sometimes...

But today, we had a big-o team do a Arthritis Walk in support of her & others who suffer from arthritis... incluidng her Nanny & my dearest friend, Lynn (You can click on her name to find out more about Emma too).... TEAM EMMA V!!!!!

Every shirt had names with who we are to Emma.. I LOVE mine..AUNT-ISH! Isnt that great!

For those that suffer, there was a 1 miles walk - & for anyone that wanted, there was a 5k.... me, Lynn & Carly did the 5K... it was a perfect day! Cool, sunny but a nice breeze... a great walk, a little bit of a run & lots of laughter!!!! So proud of Lynn for making it the full 5K!! (Mini Marathon - here you come!!!!)

I dont think this organization gets the recognizition as so many others, such as AIDS or Breast Cancer, but there are so many causes out there & so much people suffer from. The interesting thing to me - most of the bigger "Teams" there were in support of children that suffer! Oh, if a cure could be found to help ease this before they turn into adults!!!!

The walk was at Louisville Slugger Field so this is me, Carly & Emma's brother, Levi, who turns one year old in a few days....

But Lynn, Carly & myself got to go to the best place in the world... Panara Bread. They were so kind to humor me because I usually cant go there on a normal day. Ricky doesnt dig the place - but he was awfully happy when I came home with a fresh loaf of cinnamon raisin bread! MMMM... But I swear, they have the BEST chicken noodle soup in the world!

I love spending time with my friends, happy to support Emma & just enjoyed my afternoon something fierce.... didnt like it when I got home though! Talking to Lynn & Carly as they were leaving... look what happened... DANG BEE STING!! Yes, that's swollen on the back of my knee... so I'm now sitting here with ice on the back of my leg! Little booger!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as I've enjoyed mine!!!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I did a 5k once for the American Heart Asso. It wasn't bad at all.

    I'll be praying for little Emma.

  2. RA is such a terrible disease :-( Good for you and your friends for doing the walk! My sister and I did a 5k run once for the American Diabetes Association - it was fun!

  3. So glad you were able to participate in such a worthy cause! Sorry about the bee sting though. Ouch!

  4. Walking for a great cause it the best. I hope this little girl gets better. I love the soup but the bee sting ouch.

  5. I love that you are walking for a cure! That is such a beautiful thing. Your shirt is SO cute. Aunt Ish. Great idea!

  6. Oooh, Panera, gotta love that place!!!
    Sorry bout the bee sting, that stinks... But congrats on the 5k and for spreading the word, you GO Girlfriend!

  7. Ooooh oowwwwweee. bee stings are just about the worst. Ugh.

    What a good person to participate in such a worthy cause. My Mom has RA & it really has done a number on her.

  8. Wow! You had an eventful day. Sorry to hear about Emma's Arthritis. I hate that she is in pain :-(

    How sweet that you got an Aunt-ish shirt - love it!

    Isn't Panera great? We ate there on Monday and got the sundried tomato/mozz panini. It was fantastic!

    Thank you so much for voting :D It means a lot to me...

  9. Is that wonderful! I love the shirt!

    Sorry you got stung, that the only bad thing about nice weather, bugs!

  10. Hope your bee sting is doing better. That looked like it hurt!

    What a cutie Emma is. RA is such a terrible disease. Sending prayers for the sweetie.

  11. Rebecca- So proud of you for doing the 5k! Poor Emma- I will say a prayer for her. Glad that you got to eat Panera=YUM :) Scot doesn't care for it either but will go if I beg enough ha.

    As for the bee sting- hope it feels better soon OUCH! I will say a little prayer for that too! :)

    Glad you had a nice weekend

  12. Looks like loads of fun....Just blog hopping today and enjoyed reading your blog...

    I am posting on our Disney trip so hope you will stop by.

    Also, the June giveaway starts today...all comments left in June will be in the drawing for the "June Card Box"! You will have to go down a few posts to read about the monthly giveaway.

    Happy Sunday!

  13. Aw, what a sweet little baby! Good for you for doing the walk!

  14. "Aunt-ish" I am going to start having to use that one. I like it! That bee sting looks painful. I have never been stung and I hope it stays that way!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with Emma, "Aunt-ish" (LOVE it) & for making other's aware of RA. Lifting you all up for strength & comfort, especially Emma.
    ~Hugs, HL


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