Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Things that make me Happy

I'm taking Mama's Challenge this week of naming 10 things that make me happy! Let me think....

1. A day off work.... mmmm - a day to sleep in late is just the best!
2. A good book! I love getting into a story that completely wraps me up - love a hardback book, the feel of pages, the way books even smell! Not sure I'd love a Kindle just for that reason...
3. Doggies... mine, yours, everyone's - I LOVE dogs!!! All animals really, but I'm totally a dog person

4. Surprises - good surprises, I should say. (Not like the picture below... but I do miss me some Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!) Fun little things that catch you off guard but make your heart smile knowing someone thought of doing something for you.

5. Finishing a knitting project & loving how it turned out! Such a feeling of accomplishment!

6. Spending time with the youth at church... they just make me happy every time - seeing them grow into amazing young adults - totally makes my heart smile!

7. Disney... You know I'm all about Beauty & The Beast - but all things Disney make me happy! All the Princesses - the movies - the theme parks... If Disney doesnt make you happy, then you just aren't human!

8. Friends who are on your side no matter what! I have so many friends that are like that - I'm so amazingly blessed with great people in my life! (Wish I could post pictures of you all!)

9. The two cutest little girls in the WHOLE world! Spending time with my nieces always just makes me love them more & more. Especially seeing them grow & getting such different personalities!

10. The biggest thing that is making me happiest right now... awaiting the visit from Julie & Isaac!!!! They'll be here in 2 weeks... Oh my gosh... I think I almost jumped out of my chair thinking about it!

Of course, I have WAY more then just 10 things that make me happy - my family, my husband, my LIFE, my JESUS!!!! But here are 10 quick things..... now, What makes you happy?


  1. Becca, I loved that post!
    I love reading inspiring posts like yours! ^^

  2. We have lots of things in common I see...good books, Disney, and doggies!

  3. Aww, great post, Rebecca! I am so with you on the Disney thing...Gabe asks all the time when are we going back. I tell him KI will have to do for the next couple of years. Truly, we need to meet up there this summer, if you're ever there!

  4. That's a GREAT list!

  5. RJ, You make me happy!!! I love to jump over hear and read about your life and your knitting.sigh. =)

    Have a Blessed day,

  6. Your list is GREAT! I love your accompanying pictures. WONDERFUL! Your nieces are too cute! And those socks you made are FANTASTIC! WOW!

  7. Great list. I like the good books and who doesn't like Disney!!

  8. I love the way books smell too. People think I'm weird, but I love walking in a library or Barnes and Noble and just take a deep breath. :)

    Disney is the best and hanging out with the youth is beyond rewarding. I learn so much from them!

    Loved this list!

  9. I love your list - sleeping late and reading a good book are totally the best!

  10. I agree with you on the Kindle. My family laughs because everytime I open a book I stick my nose in and give it a big sniff!
    Great list!

  11. Great post! I need to do it this weekend... Not being stressed makes me happy... LOL

  12. First four are SO me too! Sleeping is my favorite thing to do besides reading a book, playing with my dog and getting a surprise!

  13. What a great list!! So many lovely things! Oh and I wish I could make cool socks like you. :)

  14. Oh how I love dogs and how books. I love spending time with family and friends also.

  15. Love the post! The socks rock, you always do such a cute job. And I just love that picture of you with the kids at that all nighter.

    What a great list :)

  16. thanks for you sweet comment! you always leave me great stuff :)
    this is a GREAT list! i love days off work too...and days to sleep IN? wonderful. :)

  17. You've got some good things on the list: books, friends, Disney!


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