Thursday, June 05, 2008

Isaac - Day 1

OK - I know every day is going to be FULL of pictures while Isaac is here - so I figure I'll just do each day to cut back the entire load at once!

Julie & Isaac made it safely in & what does any good Nanny do? Took him to his first yarn store! It was the very first thing we did & he LOVED it! The colors - he was just staring! And he wanted to touch everything. There was one time we turned around & he had a wad of purple fuzz in his hand - oops!

We finally stopped for some lunch & he was such the good boy sitting in his high chair watching & waiting.

The ride to the store & then home was pushing it for him - he needed a nap, but he woke up & was just full of smiles! I was so happy because Julie & Ricky went to go get some supper so Nanny got to baby sit! I got to feed him his food & I did pretty good - usually I get really gagged out by that - but he was just too darn cute.

And bed time came quick tonight but he just was too busy laughing - Ricky is actually in there right now & I can still hear giggles coming out of the room!

I'm going to love every minute of being with him!

And I have to tell you - the dogs are LOVING this baby! Isaac just stares at the two smaller dogs & laughs at them. They let him pull their hair too which makes him even happier. Isaac was laying on his back, had a hold of Bruno's tags & wouldnt let him go. Bruno just sat there - happy to oblige. Ahhh - my little family all together!


  1. I am SO glad you put these up already. I checked as soon as I got home from my camp meeting!!! You go Nanny...and get as much time in as you can!!!! He has the most georgous eyes I've seen!!!!!!

  2. Just look at him grabbing for the Noro. He truly is Julie's son. :)

  3. I'm so glad you put the pictures up> I've been waiting for a while..hint...hint see some updated pictures!!

    Glad you're enjoying yourself!!


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