Monday, June 02, 2008

Golfin' with the bugs!

After church yesterday, I got to go out with some friends & have some lunch & then someone suggested we play FRISBEE GOLF! I haven't played that in so long - my parents use to take me & my brother to a park that was close to home that had a Frisbee Golf course. It was so much fun - especially because I come from a family that is cut-throat when it comes to anything like that - Miniature Golf being the #1 "take you down!" sort of game!

We all went home, changed up in some tennis shoes, grabbed the frisbee's - which for me, wasn't as easy with the 4 dogs! They assumed that meant they got to play themselves - they love to run & leap after the frisbee's! So after a tossing of treats & a mad dash of pushing Ryan out the door before the dogs turned on us - we made it to the park.

Now, I'm a decent frisbee thrower - have had frisbee's in my hands my whole life! I can remember my dad & grandpa or uncle & my brother standing out in the middle of the street throwing frisbee's for hours!!! My grandpa could even do the coolest little "skipping" of the frisbee off the road! I'll need to ask if he can still do that!

None of that mattered - I wasn't all that hot playing this game - even though I bet I had the most experience! Just goes to show you - it can always be anyone's game!

The winner of the night - the BUGS!!! We were all being eaten alive by the mosquitoes! Poor Ryan - he was the preferred meal of the night though! He was ready to loose his mind! Ricky was smart by wearing long pants! Joe - he's so easy going, he didn't complain one time. Erica - she was too busy making flower necklaces for everyone (how cute is that! - & by the way I still have mine!)

So after a fun day with friends, arms tightened up from throwing discs all over a park, & having flesh being torn away from little blood sucking critters - I cant wait to go back! The competitiveness of it all already has Ricky looking for "PRO-Discs" to use! Watch out - he's on a mission now!

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