Monday, June 23, 2008


I am at work this morning with blisters on my fingers! A knitting project gone crazy? No - I wish - but I had more important things to do this weekend! Our Youth Team gathered up together & are making some changes in our area where the youth meet. I cant say or show a lot until the big "Reveal" but its pretty awesome! There has been so much work put into so far - we figured out we spent 16 1/2 hrs on Saturday & 6 1/2 hrs Sunday on the room & its still got more work to go! The best part for me - my brother is helping on this project & its been great to have him involved in the same things that I'm dealing with. That doesn't happen 99% of the time - make that 99.9%! More to come on that too! It's all very secretive & hush - hush!

But here at least is a "before" picture of what it looked like to start with...

And Here is another picture of my niece who came to help - & by help, I mean going to the swing set & playing - got to love the fun of kids!

And finally - here is what we felt like by the end of the 16 1/2 hr night - someone was ready to lay down there & just be finished with it!

It has been fun so far spending time with people who I love & respect & just enjoy being around! We have laughed the whole time & No, it wasn't the fumes getting to us - well, maybe - but the company has been great! The best - finding an 80's station that was just torture to some people! For me - those were the "hay days" - brought back lots of memories! We found a station that was playing the top 20 countdown with Casey Kasem with the count down from 1987 - great memories. It made me think of one of my favorite songs - I had to put it on here! Anyone else remember it?


  1. I love how we keep all of the same bright neon colors just in a different pattern! OOP did I say too much about it?
    By the way love the song. Sadly though I think all of the guys just died in their own arms that night. hehehe

  2. I CANNOT believe you put that song on your blog!

    You are so cruel!!!

    What a horrible nigtmare that was.

  3. arghhhh change it change it my mind cant handle the truth behind this song I will never forget it


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