Friday, June 20, 2008

Knitting Lesson

I finally finished my 2nd Monkey sock while I've been laid up! Now, if you remember from my previous post - the first sock was a scary experience. I had about a foot of yarn left when I was finished & wasnt sure it was going to make it to the toe of the sock - but it did!!! So starting into this second sock, I thought - "OK, I know there's enough there, dont even look!" - so that's exactly what I did. I put the yarn in my handy knitting bag that goes everywhere with me & started the sock & did not one time look in to check my yarn! I actually put another skein that I had in my bag over top of it so I couldnt get a glance. And you know what - I never took a peek! I just knew this time around, there was enough yarn! I had the confidence! No fear!

Well, it was funny because I was at the toe of my sock, finishing it up when all of a sudden, I saw the end of my yarn dangling from out of my bag! I just had to sew up the toes, which I had plenty to do - but it was exactly like the first sock - just about a foot of yarn! But I have to tell you - when I saw that end dangling, my heart dropped again! OH NO! That instant fear automatically hit me again - even though I KNEW it was going to be OK from past experience.

How many times do we look away from the goal we're working on & see something that makes us feel fearful? Something that tells us, "you're not going to make it!"?

It made me think of our relationship with Christ! When we take our eyes off of him, do you get hit by things that scare you? Or do you have enough faith in Him that you dont even have to look anywhere else because you know everything is going to be OK! Just like I worked on that first sock & knew how it was going to come out - dont we as Christians know the end of the story? That we will be victorious in the end because of Christ?
I knew if I looked in that bag & saw my yarn running out - I would have had questions - "What if this skein is different than the first? - what if I knitted looser using more yarn? - What if? What if? But I chose to keep my eyes on the goal - having faith that everything was going to be alright!

And I must say - in the end - I have the pair of the most beautiful socks I have ever made! And I'll always remember the lessons they have taught me!


  1. Great socks... good job... awesome lesson!!!

  2. Beautiful socks -- GREAT color! And so true about taking our eyes off of Jesus. Right on Girl!

  3. What an inspiring post! You are SO talented! Cute socks :o)


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