Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brides everywhere!

Love is in the air for us this weekend! No - we didn't renew our vows or anything - but we got to share in other's people love. Saturday - we got to go to a wedding & there is just nothing like seeing a wedding. For me - maybe I'm just a sappy girl - it just brings back all the joy & happiness I felt on my wedding day. You can totally relate to how excited the bride is waiting to come see her groom. When they see each other - its just the most heart felt moment! And then the kiss - ahh, does it get any sweeter than that?

Its funny too because we are friends with the brides mother & we have heard about all the planning in this wedding - the money & events & decisions & all the sweat & tears that go into this. And it all is over within a 15 minute ceremony! WOW - all the planning over with so quickly. But its memories that last a lifetime!

Then I got to go to a Bridal Shower today (Sunday) & again - just to see the excitement of the bride to be. The anticipation of what her wedding day will be like. Her describing her dress to everyone & the colors & the day of her dreams that's going to be happening soon. You cant help but feel giddy along with the bride - feeding off of her excitement! .... And SCORE - I won the first game of the shower!

Aren't we a Bride as Christians? And isn't the Bridegroom coming back for us one day? What will be the look between us as we see each other face to face? Will be excited about the moment finally being here? Will it be everything we worked up to? Just like these brides - they planned every detail down to what they wanted. Do we take the time to invest in our time when we meet out Bridegroom?

There is nothing like a wedding to make you feel the presence of Love! Are you in love with your Savior?

On a nicer & sweeter note - yeah, I took pictures, but I had to post the ones of the cakes! First of all - I've said before - I'm a huge "Ace of Cakes" fan - the way they make cakes - & the wedding cake was UNBELIEVABLE! That bow around the cake - its icing! Its not a real ribbon - it was stunning! And the cake at the shower - in the words of the great Rachel Rey - YUMM-O! We found out after we ate it that the baker uses mayonnaise in his cakes - HUH? Its true! Who would have thought!

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  1. "Just like these brides - they planned every detail down to what they wanted. Do we take the time to invest in our time when we meet out Bridegroom?"

    Great thought provoking question!!


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