Thursday, June 12, 2008


I dont know if you are in the area & realize - there is a fairly new Christian station that is on the air - THE WAY - it is the best! Do you know in this area, we are so blessed to have FIVE! Christian stations you can tune into your radio with different areas of Christian music or talk Christian radio!!! (I really recommend you link onto this station & you can listen online - & its the best one I've tried streamming - enjoy it all over the country!)

So the discussion this morning was about prayer & how sometimes its not answered how you wanted it to be - but it was answered. Its always so funny to hear other people's experiences & stories but it made me think instantly of one myself.

My Ford Explorer - which I loved - broke down & after doing everything I could to save it, Ricky wouldnt let me invest any more money in this old car. So I had to find another car. Luckily, my sister in laws family was getting rid of a fantastic car. They gave me a terrific deal & it was going to be mine. Well, in Indiana - you can't transfer a car without the title, & in this state, it is a state-title-holding deal.....never knew this until I had to change a car over! So we had to wait, & wait, & wait.....It was going to take like 3 weeks to get this title. The loan paper work couldnt go through without a copy of the title too & it was right at Christmas time & everyone was on vacation in all sorts of areas - it was a very hectic, stressful time! But because these people knew me & we are virtual family anyways, they let me drive the car even though it was still in their name!

Well, me & my views, I wanted the car transferred - why was this taking so long? What was the problem? Why did the state have such a problem getting us the title? It was weeks of stress & aggravation. Well - let me tell you how good God is! There was a problem with the car when I was driving it - of course - the way everything was going, this was par for the course! BUT because the car was still in the original owners name & was under the miles - it was still covered by warranty! The parts that my car needed was over $3,000!!!! And everything was completely covered - didn't have to pay a thing! And then as soon as everything was fixed & back to a brand new car - the title came in the mail!

I had to laugh once again at how we loose patience with God when we dont see things in our time or in our ways. But God was looking out for me the whole time - probably just laughing at me & my lack of trusting! That is just ONE of MANY prayers that God answered - but not the way I expected it. I'm sure everyone has some great stories like that - God is just so faithful! That's all that matters - isn't it!


  1. I'm always amazed to hear all the different stories people have about how God answers prayer. He never fails to make things better for us if only we look at it from the right perspective. I've found that most the time it is the perspective we take that allows us to see the huge blessings that God is constantly pooring out on us.

    Good Post!

  2. Joe, you definately said...perspective and I wanted to add patience!!

  3. This is something that people who aren't Christians do not understand.

    I cannot tell you the number of times I have shared similar stores, giving God the credit, and people have said, "Oh, what a wonderful coincidence."

    Uh, no, it's a Godincidence. Duh.

    I love that God does things like your story. I like to think of it as Him saying, "Hello...I see you struggling..."


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