Sunday, June 08, 2008

Isaac - Day 2 & 3

Oh - I've been so busy with loving on this baby - I havent been able to do a "daily" update - so here is a quick little update of Friday & Saturday. This baby doesn't meet a stranger. He got to go visit some friends with Julie during Friday while I went to load up on groceries, but he was back home ready for bathtime & this baby LOVES bathtime! Dump a load of water on his head, he loves it! No tears here. And he was slipping & sliding in the bathtub & thought that was the funniest thing ever.

Saturday was the busiest day for him. Ricky's family all got to come over & meet the new member of the family. I keep forgetting they havent even seen Isaac yet - so I was good & shared him with everyone! I wasn't happy about it - but I did good! Isaac just loved everyone but poor thing is just not wanting to take his naps in case he might miss something for a few minutes!

I loved it though because I got a picture of Ricky's mom, Ricky, Julie & Isaac - 4 generations! Pretty neat thing to have.

Then some friends got to stop by & I have to say, Erica is truly a pro at getting those belly laughs from Isaac! Don't mess with a professional!

Of course, I'll put today's updates on later- its been busy! With church & lunch with friends & Isaac's aunts coming over & Yaya & Papaw coming over....the schedule has not stopped! And I keep thinking today & tomorrow is all I have left with him.....oh, I get all misty eyed thinking about it!!!


  1. Ok, I just couldn't bear that there was not one comment on this blog. So, I just have to say, that is the cutest smiling baby I have ever seen!!!

  2. I'll agree with you - he is the cutest smiling baby EVER!!!! I miss those smiles so much already!


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