Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't Do It

This song has been stuck in my head for the past few days....& what a song to have stuck in your head! I dont know if you've heard from these guys before - Johnny & Chachi - but they are hilarious! They work for a Ministry called "Get in Here Ministries" & they are hilarious! Being a fan of the 80's myself - I love them! Their group name is "Hair Supply"!!! There are some other videos of them on You Tube if you want to look - some are called "No Hit Wonder" (and there are I think 4 episodes of this) following their journey as artists. Pretty funny stuff! So enjoy this video! And for all those married couples out there - be sure to let the men in your lives see it....

"so you marriage will be an oak"


  1. I can't hear this song now without thinking of Ryann and Jordan! They were so funny!

  2. I need to tape them doing it & post it up right behind this - think they'd be up for it?

  3. One more thing .... doesn't the guy in the background singing - doesn't he look like Eminem, the rapper?


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