Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who I am

I had to laugh - I was driving into work & happened to look over on my dash board & noticed the things that I keep up there. Most people keep pens or maps or paper or napkins or some people even keep it cleared off (who are those people?). But looking at my dash, I thought, man, that says so much of who I am. Someone could look into my car & pretty much know alot about me just by looking at these three items that were there.

First thing - my pink Bible! I love that its pink - it just drew me to it the first time I saw it - but its so handy to have a pocket Bible in the car. Anytime a verse is mentioned on the radio that I really like, I have to stop & mark it in my little Bible. Or if I have to wait on Ricky for something, its always good to open it up & read up some good scriptures!

Then, my knitting! Sitting there ready to go! This project has been on the needles for awhile -& when its done, I'll start another dish cloth & put it right back on the dash. This knitting is what I call my "Traffic knitting" - anytime I ever get stuck in traffic - its ready to go - & perfect for releasing stress. I've even mastered the art of driving with my knees at 5 mph when traffic is just creeping so I can keep on knitting!
And finally - my tiara! A friend had to borrow it for a project & I've just put it on my dash & keep forgetting to take it back in - but I love it there - it catches the sun light & sparkles so pretty! It reminds me of 2 things - Steph bought that for me from an antique shop she was in one time - so it reminds me so much of my friend & it reminds me of all the wonderful friends I have in my life now - but most importantly, it reminds me of exactly who I am - A PRINCESS!!! THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING!!!

So, if you're ever in my car - feel free to ready my Bible - try a knit stitch, or you can even wear my tiara if you want! I'd be happy to share in all the things I love!

(PS - notice the picture - I took it while driving - am I talented or what!)


  1. Okay... so what I want to see is you driving down the road, wearing the tiara, knitting needles flying, bible propped open on the steering wheel... of course then I might just see lights and sirens behind you!I am pretty sure that even the daughter of a King isn't exempt from a ticket!!!But what a story THAT would be!

  2. Lynn wrote exactly what I was thinking. While reading your post, I couldn't help but picture you behind the wheel, driving,knitting,Bible in lap and your crown on your head. What else would a princess do?

  3. For starters you are're driving down the road. And seconds...I love the picture...totally you!!


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