Thursday, June 19, 2008

All's Well!!!

WHEW! All is well! I went to the hospital this morning - got registered & sat & waited..and waited...and waited! But that was OK - I had my knitting with me to ease my nerves & it struck up many a conversation during my waiting time! Isn't knitting great for that?

But the ultrasound showed my veins are all good & flowing as they should! Praise the Lord! It didnt feel too good with the technician pressing in on the bruises - but he said all was good. He did say though that it was bruised all the way through - had a technical name - but I was like "HUH?" so he explained that it was a pretty deep bruise causing all these problems.

So I still am to keep it up for the next few days with ice & heat - so looks like Ricky has a few more days of waiting on me - hate that! (hehe!)

No slip-n-slide is going to get me down!!!

Thanks guys for all the prayers & concerns & emails & thoughts - you are all the best!!!


  1. Oh, thank goodness it's ok. I just saw your post from yesterday this morning. Scary. No more slip n' sliding for you!

  2. YEA!! Just a bruise! That's awesome news.

  3. Whoop... Whooopppppp!!!!!
    And remember... if Ricky doen't take the best of care of you, give me a call!!!! I'll come right on over and do a little "attitude adjustment"!!!!

  4. Yay!! I'm glad that you're okay!! Sorry Ricky...but need to take full advantage of being waited on. I'm sure I could find a bell for you to ring if you needed it.

  5. Yeah - Ricky would take that bell & throw it out the window! :-)


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