Friday, December 19, 2008


My twin nieces were in their first Christmas play from their preschool. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. You have to remember - these kids are 4 yrs old!!!! The play probably latest all of 10 minutes - but it was the cutest 10 minutes ever!!!!

You also have to know - these girls do not talk to anyone - they are the most shy little girls I've ever known. The whole family was there to see if they were going to go through with standing up there & doing what they had to do....

So let me show you how it went....

The angle in the middle is Sophia... both her & her sister were Angels - Madi is comng around the corner... but they had to flap their arms coming down the aisle... Sophia wouldnt look up - but she kept the arms flapping!

Here's Madi - the other angel... this is afterwards.... aren't they the cutest angels ever?

And this is my favorite picture... Madi is so engrossed afterwards trying to tell a story to her Papaw & Yaya with her mommy right by her...

And I love this picture too of Sophia - the girl NEVER broke character. Even when Aunt Becca was standing up in the pews ... ok, not standing, but up on my knees where I was above everyone -waving like she was Robert Pattinson or something - she never waved back... I probably embarassed her... her she is walking out - keeping the "angel pose" still going!

And because what kind of aunt would I be without live action shots - here are two videos...

the first one - its only 11 seconds - you gotta see this one - its their debut of SPEAKING in front of people!!! They are saying "Glory to the Newborn king"

And here's another video - all of 1 minute - but you see Sophia not breaking character... & yeah, that's Madi on the other side of the room, refusing to look up - she kept her head down most of the play... her little cheeks were getting so red - it was adorable... but that little black lamb was a scene stealer!!! We wondered if they made him the only black lamb for a reason....

I cant believe the twins are old enough for their first play.... I wouldnt have missed it for the world....


  1. What a wonderful job they did!!! You must be so proud... and the spoke! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!

  2. There's a Christmas treat for you at my blog. Come check it out! God knew what he was doing when he made those little angels!

  3. They are so adorable!!!

    Where have I been the last couple of day? How come I've missed some of your posts? I feel terrible, but I am reading now!

    PS Love the button and it's on my blog!

  4. What sweet little angels!! I love the pictures and the video...too cute!

  5. I remember doing plays when I was little, it was so nerve racking. But they did it YAY!! And they are so cute in their little angel wings!!!

    Have a Blessed Lord's day,

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  7. That is adorable! Hey your dogs have been tagged on my blog!

  8. They really are the cutest angels ever! Just adorable little girls!

  9. This is me, there is nothing cuter than little ones singing, speaking, etc.!!!

  10. How funny that you were waving at them and they didn't give in! My little one would have been yelling, 'HEY! MOM! HEY!' oh goodness! They are sweet!

  11. That is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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