Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

First, I have to thank everyone for a wonderful birthday! As much as I dreaded it - everyone made it so nice - from the e-cards, to the warm wishes in my comments, from phone calls, to surprise goodies, & from cool friends who gave shout outs on their blogs for me (Thanks Lynn & Carolina Girl!!!!) - & even had two sets of flowers sent to me.... its because of awesome people like you that made my day! Seriously - totally made my day - THANK YOU!!!

So today is the last day in the year. Can you believe it? A great time to set those resolutions! It always cracks me up how people think that just because the date is 01/01/?? - that makes it good to start fresh.... especially when we have a Graceful God who makes all things new daily!!!

Anyways - I've got things that I'm going to resolve to stick with through the year....what are they?

OK - don't laugh... I wont be - I'll probably be crying.... I'm actually starting to train Monday for the Mini-Marathon for the Kentucky Derby Festival. Me - Running..... stop laughing! I always wanted to run this before I turned 40 & after yesterday, turning another year older - I need to do it soon. And my Sister in law did it last year - her first.... I was so impressed she did it - & made it under 3 hours - I told her I'd do it too. That was in April - darn it - she remembered I said that!!!! So I've got my schedule to train. Starting off the first day - I have to run 3 miles... building up on that... after 7 weeks, on Saturdays (which is the big days to run - I'll be up to 12 miles).... can you hear me laughing? I'm not sure if its laughing or crying myself... but I'm going to give it a go. If anything - I'm hoping to survive... live through this... make it across the finish line - even if its 6 hrs long as they dont have to send a rescue team after me - I'll consider it a success!!!!!

All that is going to lead to my resolution to eat healthier... yes - how many people make that one - but I think training to run - I'm going to HAVE to do this... I wont be able to eat some fried stuff & then jump on the'll feel like a rock in my belly. This should be interesting because I'm not a veggie fan.
But this also leads to another resolution.... I'm going to try to cook more. Now, I did make this last year & I did really well the first few months of the year, but again, having to eat healthy - to train (see how it all ties in together) - I'm going to have to do more of this. Carolina Girl has already tipped me off to the "Biggest Loser Cookbook".... I heard easy ingredients & recipes - that's what I'm talking about!

Also, my blog buddy, Deidre is challenging people to memorize scripture. I love my time to read my Bible daily - but I want to hold it tight to me... I want to store it away. So I got a little leather book that fits in my purse & will be writing down a verse every few days - until I get it down & memorizing it! Of course, my love of sign language - I'll learn it that way as well. It actually helps me to memorize it since I'm a big "talking with the hands" person. Ricky says if you tie my hands down, I wouldnt be able to talk - its true!

So that's what I'm resoluting (is that a word?) ... I think it takes care of my mind, body & soul.... all three covered. I've got to be sure to link this up to my friend Lianna - she's keeping track of everyone's resolutions... can't wait to see how many are the same - or different!

Be safe tonight... I always worry about OTHER people driving!!! I just hope Ricky & I can see midnight come in - we both have early mornings going to work.... odds are good for me - not so good for Ricky... we'll see

Happy New Year! May 2009 hold wondrous Blessings for us all!


  1. I hope you and your family have a healthy and safe New Year! :)

  2. Well, happy belated birthday! I am sooooo behind in my blog-reading it's not even funny!
    This is a great post too. A marathon? You go, Rebecca Jo! Makes me almost hyperventilate just thinking about it!
    Praying for you in the New Year!!

  3. Those are some wonderful resolutions. Wish you the best of luck.

  4. Happy, Happy, Belated Birthday to you!! :) I'm glad you had a wonderful day!! Love the cake btw!! Happy New Year too!!

  5. Wow, I'm so impressed! I want to be able to run so bad - but I can't even get up to a half mile yet. SO pathetic!!! I think I might start out slow with a 5 K in April. I think that's totally doable.

    Happy New Year!!! I wish you all the best in 2009! :)

  6. Okay... I have to say WOW... the Mini???? And honestly... I don't even know HOW to run myself, so I am very impressed. But you can do it, my friend... you can do ALL things through Christ!!!!!

  7. Good Luck training...sounds like a good goal!!

  8. I love that you're training for this - wow! I would love to have the drive to do the same. I've always been so inspired by people that do this for the first time, but never inspired enough to actually get up off the sofa :) Like I told you before, I only have 21 months until I turn 40, so I've got to step it up.

    Did you visit Beth Moore's blog? She's the one with the real memorization challenge and that accountability is what will keep me in line. I can't wait.

    So glad you had a good birthday! You deserve it!

  9. Sounds like a great resolution!

    And I love that you're going to start training-good for you!!!!

  10. woot woot! good 08 and hooray for 09! i too want to do more's one of my fav things to do...just didn't this year. happy new year...and happy belated too!

  11. Just keep your eyes on the finish line and you'll do great!!!

    Have a blessed and wonderful New Year!!

    PS--Happy belated birthday!

  12. Awesome resolutions! Good luck and enjoy your healthy new you! :)

  13. great resolutions! i admire you so much for training for a marathon! go girl!

  14. Yay! Now we have yarn AND running in common! I must warn you though, the first part of the KY Derby Mini is in Iroquois park and it's super hilly. Make sure you get in some good quality road running in addition to your treadmill work or those first few miles will be the end of you!

    I'm so proud of you!

  15. You GO FOR IT!!! I'll wait for you right here until you get done. :)

    Have a wonderful and blessed 2009!

  16. You can do anything you want to! Go girl!

    Happy New Year

  17. Resoluting! it!! I also am going to try to memorize more scripture this year. I'm always that person who is like, "You know that one verse? Like where God loves all creatures and whatnot?!" And everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. Yep, I DEFINITELY need to get my scripture in order... Have a blessed New Year!!

  18. happy new year, be safe as well.

    Happy belated birthday

  19. Oh my! I am very impressed with your courage you are showing to commit to the race.

    Just remember that God will get you through training day at a mile at a time.

    You can do it! I'll be cheering you on!

  20. Happy belated birthday! I love your cake!!!

  21. Those are perfect resolutions! Especially the running and scriptures.
    I wish my running motivated me to eat healthier but alas it is just my excuse to pig out :-)
    Good luck on your training!

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