Thursday, December 18, 2008


Someone asked me what our Christmas Eve plans were.... it made me think back - growing up, my whole life, Christmas Eve was always the night we went to my grandmother's house. We would have a big gathering & it would build up the anticipation for Christmas morning. My grandma passed away in 1997 & ever since then - there hasn't been the fanfare that goes along with Christmas Eve.

It made me think - how one person can make a difference in someone's life. Not just in that way - but how one person can make a decision or how their life changes & how it affects your life - sometimes even without someone knowing.

A friend decides to move - your life is changed because now you dont have that ear or shoulder to lean on

A co workers takes a promotion or decides to leave the company all together - it puts more work on you as a result

A family member makes a financial decision and the rest of the family has to feel the effects of cutting back in other areas

Someone close has a hardship & you feel their pain as much as they do & struggle right along with them

So many ways that one person can affect your life....

Then I thought about Christmas.... how one person affected so many... how God sent His son down to this earth that we may have hope.... One life, One person....

How the ripples of a life can expand to some places we may never know....


  1. So, so true! It is amazing how one person can have such a huge effect on so many others!

  2. Absolutely true... and think... how amazing that ONE PERSON can make you smile... ONE PERSON can make you laugh... ONE PERSON can take away your pain... ONE PERSON can share your sorrow... yep... amazing the difference one person can make in your life!


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