Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dollar Tree

I'm tired.... its been a busy, hectic weekend... is everyones weekend like this the closer it gets to Christmas? But its been full of fun as well - even amidst all the running...

Our Committed Couples group came over to our house on Friday night. We decided with how hard Christmas is on everyone financially anymore - we were going to do the Chinese Christmas thing, but the saving way - all gifts had to come from the Dollar Tree.... We had no idea how it was going to turn out. In the end - it was hilarious - full of funny gifts - from everything from a turkey baster, to a set of "Gross Practical Jokes" (which my husband ended up taking), to a nice pedicure set I got (Who can get enough toe nail clippers), to a bag of "Stink Bombs" - our youth minister got those - the kids need to be on their guard! - to Silly Puddy, Window Cleaners, a knife, & reindeer antlers - (see the cute couple? that's our Youth Minister or aka Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation... you cant see it - but he has one the white shoes as well!!!!

Its just the best group of people.... so glad to spend some time with them. One of our couples were sick - darn stomach flu is going around fierce - so we ended up just playing games for the night.... GIRLS WON...actually the boys won one game too but GIRLS WON sounds so much better!

And look at this - me - Mrs. Dont ever Cook - found an easy recipe off another blog & made these... too simple - just Hershey kisses & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, & 8 minutes... they were delicious!!!

Tonight was the Children's Play at our church.... is there anything cuter than little angels, sheep, donkeys & Mary & Joseph - all under 3 feet tall? There's nothing that can pack a church more than these little kiddos! But it was such a fun time hanging out with the kids from youth & laughing with them.... if you dont know the kids in your youth at church - get to know them - they are an amazing age that have such ideas & such personalities.... you'll be blessed!

So tomorrow-off to try & do more shopping... trying to sneak & get Ricky's done while I can shop without him.... the only problem - what to get him? UGH!

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. That's a great idea to shop at Dollar Tree. A few years ago, as a family we shopped at the 99 cents store with a twenty dollar limit. It was so much fun!!!

  2. My, my, my those cookies look soooo yummy! Looks like such a fun time!

  3. Thanks so MUCH for your prayers!!!
    They are working darlin~

  4. Your party sounded like fun! Loved the picture with the antlers too! (o:

  5. I look forward so much to the time when our committed couples group get together, and Friday was a hoot. I really enjoy getting to know everyone better and feel blessed to be a part of such a caring and authentic group of believers. Thanks Ricky and Rebecca for your hospitality and yes Rebecca the Hershey's kisses were scruptious.

    Love you guys,

  6. WOW I'm exhausted just hearing about all of that!! Oh how I wish I could've been there. We'd have so brought our dollar store gifts ~~ GREAT idea!!!

    Have fun shopping.

    Love you friend,

  7. Oh can you send me some of those cookies? Yummy! Sounds like tons of fun!

    I can't figure out what to get my hubby for Christmas...all he asks for is money. What's the fun in that?

  8. We do a white elephant exchange for my college alumni friends...someone went home with a gigantic stuffed pink unicorn with saddle...someone called it "Charlie"!

  9. What a great idea-dollar store gift exchange! Did each person just buy one thing?

  10. That sounds like so much fun...and those cookies YUMMO!

  11. That sounds like a fun get-together and such a great idea to just use the Dollar Store!

    Mmmm--those cookies look good!

  12. That sounds like fun! The dollar tree rocks my socks off. :)

  13. Thats picture at the end.. the best picture ever!!


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