Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After...

Oh - its all over... isn't a little weird when you wait & wait & all the build up - & the anticipation & then bam - its over! I had to work this morning but got out of work early (Thank you Mr. Nice Boss) so I got to come home & start cleaning up the Christmas madness. But here's a few pics from my celebration.

We got this package in the mail from Julie & gang... YIPEE - I got a yarn pattern book - how fun! & Ricky got the cutest frame - it says "Grandpa & me"... gotta find the perfect picture of Pappy & Isaac... But look at the jars... Julie has learned to make natural foods & canning them... we got apple butter, apple sauce, & other fruit spreads... YUM!!!!!! I'm glad she knows how to can them so she can mail more up (hint Julie - Hint!)

Got to spend time with the baby of the family - Lindsay & her fiance.... yep - I said Fiance!!! We're a little taken back - she just turned 20 in October but that's another story... but she's still the baby so we worry - you dont ever stop worrying for your kids - do you? Anyways - its always good to spend time with her.

What do you see here? Know what I see - the best gifts in the world!!!!! My dear sister-friend Lynn knitted for me for my birthday, which is next week, some Alpaca Fingerless gloves... these things are like Heaven on the hand... & how beautiful are they!!! I'll be wearing them daily!!!! I had to watch Lindsay - she wanted to walk out with them. And the socks... Lynn made those as well - for me & for Ricky.... which is funny because I've never made Ricky socks because he complains so much about the price of them - I told him I'd never make him a pair... Lynn stepped in being a good friend & made a pair for him for Christmas. I'm telling you - there is nothing better than knitted socks!!!! It really is the best gifts ever Lynn - thank you!!!

Got to spend Christmas Night with the twins...I had to pick this picture because look at those faces... Sophia is sitting in anticipation & Madi - I dont know what she's seeing - but it must be the packages coming out ... in this picture - the floor is clean - & by clean I mean you can see it... after about a 15 minutes - you couldnt see nothing but shreds of paper.... oh - Christmas through the eyes of kids....And can I help it if I gave them 4 Belle Dolls? Who can get enough of that?

Now - what did my hubs get me?

YIPEE - a new camera... & ITS PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt get to play with it because the battery had to charge so new pictures will be coming.... its so slim! I'm used to a bulky camera - but I wanted a camera I can put in my purse - never know when a blog picture moment will happen....

Hubs got me more fun stuff & the above... a book which I've been wanting & GIFT CARDS.... so what am I doing this weekend - going SHOPPING!!!!!!

And he also got me a Ped-Egg.... know those things? I've been wanting one for so long but didnt want to spend $10.00 on it for myself.... so he ventured out to get it... I wish I could have been a spy - he said he felt like a fool going around asking for a "PET EGG".... I would have loved to seen the faces of everyone he asked!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas....I'm ready to go snap some pictures now!!!


  1. "Pet Egg" too funny, gotta love it that he had the guts to ask for it though!
    Looks like a wonderful Christmas for everyone! Your daughter and her fiance make a really cute couple!

  2. How funny about the "Pet Egg"! I actually have one and it is a pretty neat invention. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I know what you mean about the let down--it's weird!

    Looks like you got got some great stuff--I love your pink camera!

    And LOL at Pet Egg!!

  4. I am SO glad you had an awesome Christmas!!And the camera....I LOVE pink too :)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!! I love the gloves and socks! I swear that I am going to learn to knit this new year!

  6. Oh what lovely gifts! I'm loving those fingerless gloves! And the socks! Now I have to say that she's a much better friend than me. I have a very hard time parting with the socks I knit.

    It's so nice to be treated, eh?

    BTW, what date is your birthday??

  7. Lol at "Pet Egg"...hahahahaha!!!!

    Sweet camera!

    Love those gloves!

  8. Guess what? I got a Ped-egg too in my stocking. I gotta tell you, I'm a little scared of it. Did you read the warning on it? If you don't do it right you can shred your feet!

  9. Your welcome on the socks/gloves... too much fun since you saw them both "in progress"!!! And glad to see that Ricky actually put them on his feet! And yes, the let down... but you know what... another new year is just right around the corner!!!!

  10. what great loot! i have the same camera and it is fab!

  11. That is so funny! I finally bought me a Peg Egg and I love it too.

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and your right, kids make Christmas so much more fun!

  12. Merry Christmas (belated) Happy Birthday I was unable to post on your Birthday Post... not sure why, but hope you have a good day!


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