Friday, December 12, 2008


So I'm home today.... yipee... something to be said for sick days that aren't used. No - I'm not sick - Praise the Lord! - but it is days I'm able to take - so I'm off today & Monday - (4 day weekends are the best!)

So I am getting ready for some friends to come over tonight & was looking at my Disney stuff & wanted to take a few pictures to share

Here is the entertainment center with our favorite piece. Its such a different era look & so sweet. Just added the garland this morning - Ricky hasnt even seen it yet.

You cant have Mickey without Pluto - he lights up too! (& yes, my stocking has Belle on it - shocked?)

here are some shots of ornaments on our tree. Love the Woody Ornament - love all the different Disney characters you dont see much - Meg & Hercules, you can even see Pochantas peeking in there - Hunchback of Notre Dame is swinging by - love Tinkerbell ornaments....

But had to put this one on our tree - to always remember what the season is about!

And someone else is glad I'm home - & changing the sheets - but she's not ready for them to go yet - they are just getting comfy... how cute is Zoe... at least they dont get in trouble when I'm home!


  1. Awww, Zoe is adorable and looks so much like my Sam.

    Your Disney tree is adorable! It looks like Disney Christmas is in da house!!!

  2. It looks like you're having a great day off!

  3. I'm loving Pluto...and I'm also majorly loving the knitted sweater you sent over to Kelly at Kelly's Korner! So adorable, girl! Great work!

  4. YIPPEE for a four-day weekend!! So fun!!! Your disney ornaments are sooooooo cute, and Mickey and Minnie back in the day are the best!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend,

  5. Sorry I haven't been by to read recently, I didn't really want to do much being so sick.

    I love all the disney stuff, too cute.

    Thank you for your well wishes, I'm glad to get back into the swing of things.

  6. that zoe is soooo cute! i really love the pluto!!!

  7. Love your tree! We have lots of Snoopy ornaments. I will have to get some pictures of our tree.

  8. Love all your decorations! Some day your kids will too.;)

  9. Cute! Our thing is penguins!

  10. Awe Zoe! I love that name. How precious!

    I love those ornaments and decorations. I would be in heaven.

  11. Your ornaments and decorations are so cute--and so is your puppy!

  12. Hey Rebecca Jo! You visited my blog a while back and I just wanted to come visit yours! I love all your disney ornaments! My husband and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon and we LOVED it! We want to go back in December sometime...but it wont be for at least a couple years!


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