Thursday, December 04, 2008


The one thing that I love about blogging - you meet so many different kinds of people - you meet people & hear stories that you would never have heard before - you see pictures that make you smile, you get involved in people's lives that live across the country from you - & you really feel like you know a piece of this person.

Yesterday, I ran across a blog - through another blog (isn't it a great chain of blogs out there?) - & ran across the story of Miracle Max. After just glancing around - I had to go back & read all the previous posts. Let me encourage you to go do the same - & let me also warn you - you will leave with tears in your eyes & your heart aching.

See, Max is to be born tomorrow via C-section. Max also has many things against him, including a condition that I'm not familiar with - Trisomy18 - they have links on their blog about it.

But tomorrow is the day that this incredible young couple, Dustin & Trish are going to see their son. They already know they are probably not going to be able to spend much time with him as his life span is predicted to be anywhere from minutes to hours to prayfully, days... our God is mighty though - no one can predict.

And that's where you all come in - This couple is facing this situation knowing God is with them through it all. I literally thought of this couple all night last night & was in prayer for them knowing Friday morning is coming soon for them. So if you can - stop by & encourage them - lift up a prayer for them - let them know that even though they may not know our faces or names - we are all in the family of God & we care & we will lift up their family, especially Max, in prayer to our Heavenly Father.


  1. OH my stars ~~ I went to this blog and read, oh let's pray, pray, pray for a miracle for this sweet family.

    Thank you for the link to this.

    Have a Blessed day,

  2. Now you've got me all teary eyed. Thanks for sharing about them. I'll be keeping them in my prayers and read up on them when Yaya's sleeping.

  3. Oh my! After just having my nephew being born, I don't think I could handle that! How sad, I don't know how they do it!

  4. This is actually sweet. I'm sad, too.

  5. Thanks so much for the Shout Out! Hey, I'm returning visits from the FanTAbulous Merry SITSmas Event the other day. Thanks so much for visiting, and please...come by my place to see how to Pay It Forward during this Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  6. Bless their sweet hearts... Only Jesus can help you through something like that. He is so merciful, but the questions and the heartache do not go away. Oh, I just hate it for them. I will pray!

  7. I am saying a prayer for Max and his parents. I know another couple whose son had Trisomy 18- it is heart-wrenching. Their son lived for more than 3 months, though. It was a complete miracle. May God do another miracle here!

  8. Ok, I am getting tissues and getting ready to say lots of prayers.

  9. I too read their blog yesterday and they've been in my mind and heart all day today. In fact today when I wrote the date I thought oh my December 5 is a day away! I've been praying for them and sweet baby Max!

    Thanks for the info about SITS. That's what I thought it was but I didn't know if it required more than just reading and commenting. I am all for that! I'll probably be signing up soon!

    I think it's awesome we follow a lot of the same blogs!! The blogging community is so Amazing!! I love it!

  10. the blogworld is such an amazing place...
    prayers are going out all over the place thanks to a simple blog.

  11. will head over to this blog and be praying for this family!! thanks for sharing this with us.


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