Friday, December 12, 2008

Grab me!

First - get your mind out of the gutter...

But you can grab me.... I've got a GRAB BUTTON now!!! How cool is that!

I have to thank Jen - I havve been loving her blog lately & she had a give away & I won!!!! The prize- she would design a grab button. She took my colors, my name of my blog & designed it all on her own.... and I absolutely love it!!!! How cute is that? So now, if you like me enough to share, you can put this on your side bar & people can just click it & come into my world for a bit... who knew you could even do that? Jen did!!! So if you are interested in a Grab Button - you may want to talk to Jen - she's good!!!!

<center><a href=""><img src="'s+Hands+copy.gif"/></a></center>


  1. I grabbed you ~~ and I must say, YOU LOOK MARVELOUS DARLIN' ~~

    Have a Blessed and fun weekend friend,

    PS I'm going to check out that link you sent me on how to knit. I so want to learn.

  2. Seriously? That is so friggin cute I cant stand it! I'm jealous :)


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