Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kicking em' off

Christmas has begun around these neck of the woods....

I got to have fun with two different age groups today in church. Got to help out Mrs. Lynn in her Sunday School class - & I forgot how hectic it is with smaller kids. Made me sort of appreciate Jr. High kids. But the crafts are fun. We got to color in paddle balls & made Snowman frames.... & then we had donuts. What a fun, glue-y, ball bouncing, sticky donut finger time!!!

Then we moved onto the Youth Party where they had a Chinese Christmas exchange. You NEVER knew what you were going to get. Anything from a Santa Potato Head - to a rapping Dog Toy - to Moon Sand - to a fake bird in a cake singing - to disco ball headbands.... not to mention homemade Cinnamon Rolls.... OH MY GOODNESS... can you say YUM!!!! And I've said it before & I'll say it again - I'm so blessed with incredible young ladies!!! One of the most amazing gifts I received... looked at this painting I got.... I told her I would pay her to do the other 3 covers for me.... these girls know my love for Edward & Twilight - I also got a specially made Twilight key chain that only me & 2 other girls have.... How these girls bless me!!!

Then we got to go have our Christmas with Ricky's family. It was so nice because we don't normally get to spend Christmas with his side - but his sister said we were going to celebrate as a family - even if it wasn't on Christmas day... so we all got to gather at his sister's for dinner & got to open gifts & it was just fun to spend the day together. Something that so rarely happens.

Here I am with my 3 sister in laws - my mother in law & my niece.... Its always fun to laugh with these ladies!

Here's Ricky with his brother, 3 sisters & their mommy.... nice to see them all together...

So Christmas has been officially kicked off .... even after opening gifts & celebrating - can't believe its that time of the year....

Anyone else already had their family celebrations? Already enjoying the Holidays? Or are you waiting for the big day of the 25th?


  1. Wow--you have been busy w/ all sorts of Christmalike activities! Sounds like so much fun!! We will start officially on Christmas Eve w/ a party at my sister's.

  2. We were going to have a Hymn sing at our house tonight. Had to cancel because of the two feet of snow with more falling every minute. It is a lot of fun with everyone bringing a dessert or finger food. We sing Christmas Carols and fellowship for a couple of hours. I have blocked out the weekend for next year hoping it will not be snowing then.
    Yes, I laughed so hard when Olivia said that. She did not even realize what she had done or said.
    Glad you are enjoying family already. This is such a special time.

  3. What a blessing for you to be able to spend time with kids during the holidays. I tell you, nothing can be funner than that!!

    Awww, a family celebration! That's great that you all had a chance to do this. It's not often that there's a family celebration anymore with my parents and older sister in North Carolina now.

  4. Chinese Christmas exchange?! What is this? Perhaps another trend I didn't catch. Typical. =)

  5. No way! That painting is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  6. We started on Saturday with Mick's family. It was a fun day...the kids had a blast too.

  7. We leave tomorrow for my parents' house and then Christmas morning go to my in-laws'. Lots of travel and packing and un-packing but totally worth it. Not to say I won't be ready to come home on Saturday though! ha!

  8. First... thanks so much for helping with the Little's in Sunday School!!! Yes... they are busy AND messy... but oh so much fun!!!! And the painting... Jordan is truly gifted!!!!! With the weekend filled with celebration we are well underway... but so looking forward to Christmas day with ALL the kiddos here!!!! And of course... Christmas Eve with the best friends in the whole world!!!!!

  9. What a beautiful painting! Wow!

    We will be having family get-togethers on Christmas Day (two in one day) and then next Saturday. My sister and I are married to brothers, so the family is really small. LOL

  10. doesn't fam make it all so much more fun? i mean, it can be crazy too, but i love to laugh with my SIL's! thanks for the fun fam pics! i'm excited for more fam stuff this week! yeah!

  11. IT sounds like ya'll are having a great time! We did Christmas at my in-laws last night and are going to my folks' for Christmas!

  12. She painted that?! My goodness, that is incredible! Sounds like you are having a busy Christmas!

  13. Rebecca,
    What an amazing painting ~~ that is one talented teen. I love me some art.

    My cousin is in and her and her fam are in from KY and we get to see her tomorrow ~~ YAY!!! And then Wednesday evening my fam is coming over for CHRISTmas and then course there's CHRISTmas day and then Saturday after CHRISTmas we get cuteness and his mommy and daddy over for CHRISTmas ~~~~~ So fun!! I heart the holidays!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  14. I was over at Finding Normals when I saw you need Amy's address. Do you still need it? I will email it just in case.

  15. Those look like some wonderful Christmas activities! LOVE the painting!

    Johnny has always been in my heart but he has to make room for Robert.


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