Monday, March 23, 2009

Dancing with the Stars!!!

Its Monday - its 8:00... and its LLLLLIIIIIIVVVVVEEEEE!!! Time to see what this week holds!
Gilles is the dreaded stair slipper this week! Every week someone is sliding... I'm waiting for a BIG FALL before the end of the season!
First up - Denise Richard! Tonight is the Samba....Oh my goodness... to get Denise in the mood - Maks is dressed up in a hot pink dress... I dont want to see that ever again!!!
OK - we're 10 seconds in & I can tell, its horrible... Latin dances are not this girls thing.... If the judges give her good scores... I quit.. never watching again...... this is a train wreck... make it stop!!!!!!!
Len said she did well... WHAT? She did a good job? WHAT?????
Bruno & Carrie Ann gave the truth.... it was horrible... this is the first dance I think deserves a one!........I'm hurting for this girl..... Scores = 5, 6, 5 (I think that is still too high!!!) Oh my - that was the worst dance ever!!!!
#2 - Chuck Wicks....Julianne is being a bossy boss now... (Me & Ricky would kill each other!)
It was a smooth dance...not exciting, not spectacular- but very nice. Julianne is so cute how she's his biggest cheerleader.
Len said it right - it was good, but not great yet. ... Scores = 8, 7, 8.... seriously? 8's? It was good, but 8's???? I'm shocked....
#3 - Holly Madison is up! Samba means shaking everything... Miss Playboy Bunny is having troubles in practice... Demitri is getting frustrated.... I think its the knee high socks that are getting to him.
She's a whole lot like Denise Richards... long pretty legs, but man, there is no movement in these ladies...She looked so scared too....
"That was rough to watch" -Carrie Ann
"That was like a match - hot at the top, cold at the bottom" -Len..... Scores 5, 6, 6
Ouch - Demitri didnt deny at all missing Jewel because Holly is a challenge... Tom just said it right "I'm sure Holly feels very reassured now".... OUCH!!!!
#4 Steve O & Lacy....Foxtrot! I always want to give Steve O a cough drop....oops - also some soap for that mouth... that was a line of beeping happening!
AAHHH - he looks like Pee Wee Herman with that tie... I like ties though!
He looks so scared & confused....Oh poor guy... he just stumbled into the steps... not another injury! That looked painful!
We just heard a shout out from the audience "You Rock Steve O".... did you see who it was????? It was BENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Benji being the Benji -the winner of So you Think you can Dance.... Benji that is Lacy's brother.... I totally love that guy!!!! Sorry - distracted!
Oh, he is limping... he's in pain....Its his ankle & his back. Scores 5, 5, 5
So far, no one is shining tonight.... we need some sparkles & fringe flying soon... this is a sad night so far.
#5 - Lawrence - Samba... uh-oh... so far, in the words of Shaikra - Hips dont lie.....
Dude knows how to train... he aint giving up... he gets the award for Practice King! Fingers crossed he does good after all that training... poor guy even had to give up golf & he "dont give up golf for anything!"... (That was cute)
My first observation... its got a very disco feel... I feel like the 70's were back. Everyone loves disco though!!! Second - how in the world does Edyta keep her outfits on... man, that woman & her costumes blow me away!
Scores = 7, 6, 7.... seems fair.... lets keep dancing!
Had to run to the frig for another Diet Sprite during the break... I did a Samba walk all the way... SCORES - 9,9,10
#6 - Shawn & Mark... ahh - just love Mark! How cute is she showing her friends talking to her on the computer with Mark sneaking in & they all giggling how cute he is.... love seeing that she's a real teenager!
That was so beautiful.... so elegant.... I was just smiling the whole time.... she's so impressive for a 17 yr old!!!
"you looked like a beautiful, elegant Princess" - Carrie Ann.... Yep!!!
"Best dance so far" - Len
"...a beautiful, bejewled hummingbird...." -Bruno.... love him!!!
Scores = 9, 9, 9 .... YIPEEE!!! totally deserved....
Did he just say Hall & Oates are preforming tomorrow???? Seriously? Flash back to the 80's... loved them!!!!
#7 - Gilles.....and the Samba.... oh my.... in all red..... is it going to get hot in here?
His momma is coming from France to see him - how sweet is that!!! I love he asked Cheryl to not be mean to him in front of her. Oh no... mom tears... makes me want to cry!!!
Dude has hips & shoulder action... but I think he did OK... I can't tell... all that red seriously has my eyes burning... that was the brighest outfit I've ever seen.... I'm not even lying - I'm seeing red now looking at this monitor!
" just made a hard dance look easy" - Len
" shook things I didnt know guys could shake" - Carrie Ann - guess that says it all, doesn't it?
Scores = 9, 9, 9.....YES!
#8 - David Allen Grier...Good, I'm ready for a laugh...& the judges better be nice this week... this is my hot spot this year... they are so mean to him!!!!!
OHHH - he did so good... looks so smooth... now if they are mean... I'm going to be upset...
"...what a transformation" -Bruno
"Two snaps up" - Carrie Ann.... FINALLY!!!!!!
Scores = 8, 8, 8....good, I'm not mad now at the judges...David has proven himself!!! Even breaking out in song "These are the greatest judges in the world"... how do you not love this guy?
#9 - Steve - the Apple Man..."gotta get loose, bouncy & sexy" - this man just makes me smile! ... "hips of fury"....
OH NO - an injury!!! Having injured a hamstring myself - I know... that is PAINFUL!!!! ... he is such a trooper! He wont give up...
Dude knows how to bounce.... & did she just make him do the worm?... & what the heck was that ending... that looked vulgar! Oh my......Even Karina is embarassed!
"... the novelty wears off...." - Carrie Ann... the sad thing - its not a novelty to him - dont make him sad!!!
I hate that.... he is doing his best - he's having fun - dont make fun of him... poor guy!!!
He's got a standing ovation from the other dancers... very nice!
Scores = 4, 3, 3.....what??????? I have to say - Denise was worse than him... If I was in the audience, I'd be booing too!!!!! They only did that so he would be voted out.... not right, not right at all!
#10 - Melissa & Tony girl & my guy....How nice was it for Tony to go with her to her office & pack up. But I have to ask, why did she have a huge football in her office? Oh, I have Beauty & the Beast everywhere in mine - I guess I cant judge. When Tony asked her if she's alright, made my heart sing. He's such a gentleman!
Just starting off, there is that smile! This girl looks like she's having the time of her life just being there! I just love watching the two of them.... love seeing how they disguise that tattoo on her back with bejweled things....
"....beautiful to look at - easy to love" - Bruno.... HA - take that Jason!
OK - Carrie Ann is criticizing... there is where I get ANGRY... just because they are good - she starts to judge them differently. She assumes if they are good they take to this dancing easily - the look on Melissa AND Tony's face when she said it was easy for her said it all.... the judges are not fair - I'm telling you - not fair!
Scores = 9, 9, 9.... cute - Lawrence has to take her golfing because of a bet!
#11 - Lil Kim.... I just like hearing Len say "Lil".....she's got the Samba... I'm having faith in this girls hips!
She definitely has some hip action - that fringe was FLYING... she looked a little lost though & some steps missed... she's looking confused even now standing in front of the judges....
" wasn't perfect, but you sold it to me" - Bruno
"You have a bionic booty" - Len
Carrie Ann is driving me NUTS - "Yeah, you made some mistakes, but you went for it - great job"... but yet she gave Melissa criticism for little things... that's what shows they dont judge fair... this girl missed full steps...Oh, the angst of life - hehehe!!!
Love the dancers all were shaking their booty for her.... that was hilarious!
Scores = 8, 8, 9
#12 - Finally - Ty doing the Foxtrot... holding out hope since its not a Latin dance.
"Pretty cool, huh?".... how do you not just fall in love with this cowboy?
OH NO... the professional slipped...looked like there was another misstep... I think it was her dress... it didnt even stop Ty!!!! He just kept going... He was incredible.... He didnt even stumble when she tripped!
"... you're carving out of a stiff piece of wood, a mini Fred Astaire...." -Bruno
Scores = 8, 8, 7.....even with a fall!!! He said "We didnt practice that one".... he's so charming!
Another night of dance done..... If I had my choice - Denise would be GONE! But you know its going to be Steve O or Steve W. Both of them seem to be accident prone anyways... maybe its for the best.
Best of the night - Probably Shawn... she was just like Carrie Ann said - a Princess....
Did you watch - what did you think? And if you dont watch - why not? Doesnt it make you just want to dance? Gotta go do my salsa walk now to go take my bath!


  1. Woo hoo! I'm getting ready to watch this in California in about a half hour. I'm gonna suprise my family by guessing all the scores for them! They are going to think I'm A M A Z I N G! Hee hee!

  2. It just gets me about Melissa being on this show. How is she a star because she was on the Bachelor??! Don't get me wrong I love the girl, but if you are on reality tv are you really a star??

  3. Hi There...
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your recap!!! And I agreed with you on all of them.
    SOOOO wish that Denise would go home this week. Read something online that she and Maksim were bashing Melissa as having to much dancing to qualify for the show. I just think it is sour grapes. Someone pointed out to them (Melissa's partner!) that Mak had Mel who dance too... LOL
    Have a great evening!!!

  4. Rebecca,
    Trying to salsa as I type, it is interesting and hard...anyway...

    I heart DWTS....heart it!!! Yep GO SHAWN!! How cute is her little teenage self. Love her.

    I loved the recap. Do you do this everytime? If not you should =)

    Have a Blessed day,

  5. Love, Love, Love! Dancing with the stars! Love, Benji from "So you think you can dance too!" I look forward to your comments each week.


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