Friday, March 13, 2009

Explain Coffee to me...

I am not a coffee drinker.... I'll admit it

I was raised in a house that rarely drank coffee... I can remember my parents drinking coffee on vacation & it would totally freak me out. I have just a FEW memories of my mom drinking a cup every now & then... but it was NOTHING like having to have coffee ready every morning, or a timer set or anything.

Our oldest daughter, Julie, is a coffee addict... or I should say WAS - since she was pregnant & breast feeding, she broke her habit some - which I never thought the girl could do!

So when she stayed with us - poor thing was living in a home with no coffee maker. Yes, I hang my head in shame - I had no coffee maker. So we went all crazy & got a little 2 cup coffee maker - perfect for one person!

This picture is similar the one we have - but I just think its the cutest thing in the world... the pot just fits in the palm of my hand and is probably not bigger than one in a kid's play kitchen! But it got the job done!

I feel so grown up with this on my counter now!

And the reason I keep it on my counter is because we have a Bible Study group that rotates & two of the people are big coffee drinkers - so yes - I am prepared! I may have to make coffee a few times a night because a little 2 cup pot doesnt hold much - but I am more than up to the task.

Tonight is our turn again for hosting & I had to run & get the goodies. Julie taught me the best kind of Starbucks coffee to get - so check - got it! And one of the ladies loves creamers in her coffee so off to get that.

The thing is - the flavor SOUNDS so good on the creamers... & I LOVE the smell of coffee, but I really dont care for the taste. What am I missing? What makes it so special for you? How do you "take it" (is that right coffee terminology there?) - & how can you justify drinking all those calories - that's what gets me... ugh! I'd rather eat a piece of pie than drink a coffee for the same amount of calories...

explain to me your coffee fixation...


  1. Okay Rebecca, here we go, coffee 101. I, like you, was NEVER a coffee drinker until about 3 years ago when I started working in this office and it got very stressful. So I started drinking coffee. I would drink several cups in the morning even after I was done with the job and a housewife again.

    Well, right before I had surgery on the ol knee I told my husband that it was COMPLETELY ridiculous that I HAD to drink coffee every morning or get a headache. Really. Not jking ya. And God really started convicting me over the fact that yes, this was an addiction. So I weaned myself off and have not had a cup since November, can you believe it?

    But when I did drink it I drank it with vanilla soy milk and thinks me miss it..........but miss it I will, because I'm not going back to my coffee addiction ways :O)

    Okay I know longest post ever....but you asked =)

    Love ya girl,
    PS Have fun tonight!!!

  2. Oh I'm a coffee lover. It started out with just liking the smell but when I tasted it plain, I about choked!

    So, I started with frapaccinos, ya know, the SWEET stuff! (Not to mention fatening stuff)

    But after a while I would move on to lattes, or what I like to call coffee fufu.

    Now I can just have a cup of coffee but it must have sugar and cream. My favorite thing to do is make a mocha, my fav!

    So I love coffee, just not BLACK coffee! I still don't know how people do that! (My hubby included!)

  3. I do love me a good cup of coffee! :) I think it was partly because my Mom was such a huge coffee drinker for me. For me it is relaxing (and when I was teaching it was also for caffeine ha!). I've been drinking decaf for a while but it still has the same effect for me :) I usually don't get the sugary drinks from the coffee shops so it really doesn't have many calories :) They are yummy though and I hate drinking calories too but they are tastey (I used to do the sugar free too but now I'm trying to stay away from artificial sweetners :))! That little 2 cupper is soo funny! I'm sure all of your guests appreciate it! :)

  4. I don't know how to make coffee either! But, I do have a tea fixation.
    Came by from SITS.

  5. I drink coffee every now and then but have to LOAD it, and I mean lLOAD it with creamer!!!! Hazelnut is the best!!! :o)

  6. brew coffee at home and it is not full of calories..
    although i am not a coffee drinker
    i thought i would let you know LOL.
    i googled this for y'all.

    Coffee is almost Zero Calorie
    According to the USDA nutrient database - an 8 ounce cup of coffee (brewed from grounds) has just 2 (yes two) Calories. The calories come from a tiny amount of protein and some mono-unsaturated oils.

    Calories (per Tablespoon)
    Cream 52
    Half-and-half 20
    Whole milk 9
    Fat-free milk 5
    Sugar 48

    Plain nondairy creamer (powder) 33
    Plain, light nondairy creamer (powder) 25
    Flavored nondairy creamer (powder) 45
    Flavored, reduced-fat nondairy creamer (powder) 40
    Plain nondairy creamer (liquid) 20
    Plain, light nondairy creamer (liquid) 10
    Flavored nondairy creamer (liquid) 35
    Flavored, reduced-fat nondairy creamer (liquid) 20

    so now we all know.

  7. My love for coffee comes from my mother. That woman goes through at least two pots a day of good old Folgers. I never really drank it much growing up, but then we moved to Seattle, and it was Starbucks heaven. I got hooked on White Chocolate mochas, and had one EVERY morning. I was a regular at the shop I frequented and had it ready for me...loved it. Now that I am in MO I don't drink as much Starbucks, at least not the fattening stuff. I buy it at Walmart and just drink it black!! I don't really have a preference. I normally drink it black, but ocassionally will add cream and sugar.

  8. Yucky yucky stuff!!

    Did you buy creamer for my mother?!?!?!?

  9. I'm the same way! I love the SMELL of coffee, but the taste just doesn't do it. My parents drank coffee very rarely. Then, I married a coffee connoisseur. He insists that the only way to have good coffee is to grind the beans yourself, but I still don't like it, even when he makes it. The very few times I drink it is when I need a caffeine boost, and then I only take it black. It's like medicine!

  10. Well, so glad you asked! Let me give you this Minnesota girl's opinion :)

    I love flavored coffee and can drink it black, with no cream/sugar/half and half, etc. For me, most of my love for it came from my Mother, who is a huge coffee drinker and a kind of coffee snob at that :) We don't waste our time on cheap coffee! I do like a little shot of flavored creamer if I'm drinking a dark roast or something plain. But I do not like to drink lattes or frappachinos or anything else that has so much sugar in it! Real coffee drinkers don't go that route. We stick to just the coffee.

    It also helps that I grew up in a cold climate and now I live even further north. There is something so soothing about a hot cup of coffee on a bitterly cold day. It just warms the soul. After you try this for a few days in a row, you really do get hooked! Now it's as much of a mental game as it is an addiction. There isn't much I like more than a cup of coffee while I'm reading my Bible in the morning. It just makes the whole experience for me. Something about it makes me slow down and enjoy every sip :)

    Travis has become a total coffee addict since meeting me. He does use a little more creamer in his coffee, but even that has lessoned over time. I don't know if I can explain it, but it just grows on you and before you know it, you're a coffee drinker too!

    Your little 2 cup pot makes me laugh!! We'd have to make pot after pot with that thing :) But, glad it works for you and does the trick!!

  11. AHHH coffee... or should I say... CREAMER with a LITTLE coffee added!!! Love the smell... love the taste... love holding the warm cup in my hand.... mmmmmmmmm

  12. Oh I'm such a cheap date! I take my coffee black. I don't like Starbucks (which is great for my wallet) as Starbucks tastes to chicory for me & it's too pricey for what it is not. I'm down with regular old Maxwell House or Folgers. Since we are living on the cheap, we tried Wal-Marts GV brand of coffee. Took a lil getting used to & it's not going to win any taste awards, but I went back to Folgers.

    I didn't start drinking coffee till I was in my early 30's. I brew my own. I can't see paying a couple bucks every morning to Starbucks or any other coffee joint for something I can do myself super easy.

    I don't like sweeteners or cream or flavors in my coffee. Even if I wasn't watching my weight now - I find adding all that stuff are seriously unnecessary calories. If I'm gonna eat extra calories - baby it's gonna be a cheesecake!

  13. I LOVE coffee and so look forward to a cup each morning. That's the only time of the day that I normally drink it, though. I'm not one of those people that drink it all day long at work.

    I drink Yuban Organic coffee and I drink mine with Splenda and Half & Half.

    That little pot of yours would be just enough to make me mad, though! lol

    Have a great weekend,girl!

  14. I like cafe mocha. Which is coffee with chocolate and whipped cream. I might have two or three a week. Just plain coffee, not for me.

  15. Oh my...I am so NOT a coffee drinker. I do not own a coffee maker, nor do I ever plan to. It's hot chocolate for the boy and myself, but that's it. I can't even stand the smell of coffee. I attribute it to the bad coffee breath of an elementary school teacher who I was forced to sit beside each day at the small table where we did reading exercises. Nasty.

  16. I'm not a coffee drinker either. It makes me a gag. But I feel hip and cool when I go to Starbucks and get a hot chocolate in those coffee cups. Have a great weekend!

  17. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning! I actually think Mickey D's has really good coffee - 2 creams & 3 Splenda! I love the smell and I love that "warm & cozy" feeling that it gives me. Like Lynn, I love holding the warm cup in my hands. I do not drink it everyday but I do enjoy it about 3 times a week to get my morning started!

  18. i love coffee, but only with flavors or syrup in it. experiment a little - add some chocolate syrup, a little flavored creamer, and some whipped cream.

  19. Hey Rebecca.. my sister Justine drinks about four cups a day and when she makes a cup of coffee it can make your hair stand up!!! I have a coffee maker but I haven't used it in about 2 years. When I want a cup of coffee I go and buy it at 7/11 or Dunkin Donuts. I like coffee but I could live with out it! I do like flavored coffee but I only drink it when it's really cold out!

  20. do you have the Dead Like Me movie? Life After Death? It is great

  21. You are so sweet to go out and buy special coffee from starbucks. I love coffee and I rarely get that for myself unless I find it at one of the grocery stores on sale, or if mom is nice and brings it over. For the creamer I love them to, but I try to stick to the non fat or sugar free ones to save on calories!

    I've been very good and tried to cut back to just the weekends!

    That is a super cute pot ;)

  22. I like to drink it black first thing. Then, with breakfast, a little cream and Splenda. I love Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks but only from Halloween til New Years. I will drink mochas and frozen Fraps from Starbucks but only frozen in the summer. In the winter, only hot.
    I also love Passion Fruit Tea from Starbucks. I love everything about coffee. The name, the smell, the taste (I sound like Edward in Twilight) everything about it draws me in. ha ha
    The DLM movie was at Walmart or Amazon. I actually found out about it from a pop up on MSN. Weird?

  23. I started drinking coffee when I was 17, only to get warm in the freezing cold office I worked part time in. Gradually I grew to like it. My favorite is a good strong coffee with a touch of hazelnut creamer.

    The thing I most love about it is having a coffee with a friend. At work, esp on night shift, we have "circle of life" time around 1am, sitting in the nurses station with one eye on our sleeping patients and sipping coffee and swapping stories. Good times.

    On a different note, when is the last time you went to Disney? We had such a great time! Expensive, but well worth the cost for each memory made.

  24. Hey Rebecca, I was never a coffee drinker either until last year. Many of the teachers at my school walk in with their coffee cup and even fill it up in the afternoons for a pick-me-up. One afternoon I wa so tired I decided to try it and it was all over. Now I'm one of those teachers who MUST have their coffee in the morning.

  25. Honestly the hubs and I put in more creamer than coffee! That's why it's so good!

    Congrats on being featured at Little Miss Sunshine's flip flop find!

  26. For me, I did grow up in a household that drank coffee each morning. As a little girl, I was more fascinated at all the different shaped and colored coffee mugs my mom owned than the actual coffee itself.

    As I grew older I decided to give it a try and actually started with the Starbucks iced caramel macchiatto (heaven in a cup!) but later realized the calories were too much for just a small drink.

    This is when I discovered the sugar free and fat free flavors of creamers and the rest is history.

    -Hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

  27. Congrats on being a featured blogger today at "Little Miss Sunshine."

    I am a huge coffee drinker thanks to my husband. After years of "smelling the coffee" every morning, I finally gave in and had a cup. Seven years later I'm totally addicted!

  28. My grandmother was an avid coffee drinker, but my parents weren't...I LOVE the smell of it but never drank it until I was 19 and working in my first office job - I tried it black, but didn't like the strong taste, so added a packet of Swiss Miss to it...and the love for mocha was born! LOL!!

    Now I love my morning coffee - but I still can't drink it black...I have to have flavored creamer in it...usually French Vanilla. But I only drink a few cups in the morning and I'm done for the day. :)

    Found your blog through Little Miss Sunshine via Yaya - I'm enjoying my visit and will be back! :)

  29. Happy Sunday Girlie! Hope your having a wonderful relaxing day!

    Muah, Lex

  30. Oh My Goodness, you have opened the floodgates now!
    Coffee is awesome. It never used to be, but now I reallllly love it! The smell takes me away even if it is to escape for 2 seconds. Then there is the feel of the warm mug in my hands. Soon after, I feel my shoulders drop and I start to relax. That first sip is the best. You feel it warming you from the inside. (Calories??? Did you say something about calories??? Didn't you know, the calories in coffee don't count. I'm surprised that no ever told you that before). Anyway lets not forget about the caffeine buzz that is right around the corner. That helps me with the sleep deprivation of being up with one of my 3 monkeys at some point through any given night. And gives me the boost to get a few extra chores done before the hubby gets home.
    OK, got to run, I need a cup of joe now. (with flavored creamer)
    BTW great name.
    Have fun w/ the FFFF.

  31. I don't love coffee - I'd rather drink a diet coke -- but on those days after Jayci woke up 18 times in the night - there's nothing like a cup of coffee to get me going :-)

  32. Hi Rebecca, I'm coming over from flip flop scavenger hunt - how fun! I'm addicted to reading blogs and love finding new ones. Winning prizes is pretty cool too!

    I am a HUGE coffee drinker. It's a love / hate relationship. I love the taste and the warmth. I hate the coffee-breath and stained teeth. YUCK!!

    I drink it with cream and sugar unless the flavored coffeemate is free at Walgreen's :)

    Thanks for a great blog and sharing your thoughts. I'll be back :)

  33. I'm not a coffee drinker either. I love the smell, hate the taste. I'd much rather have a hot chocolate any day. ;)

  34. I'm not a coffee drinker either. And my husband wasn't until...well, I don't know when he started but now he is a coffee drinker.
    The only way I like coffee is with chocolate. Heck, hold the coffee and just give me chocolate:)

  35. so i didnt start drinking coffee until last coworkers drove me to it :)...but i rarely make it at home..but do have a maker on standby as well...thanks for following and visiting!

  36. Hmmm, was just pondering this myself. Pondering why God couldnt make it be that comforting your soul and lifting your spirits over a cup of joe w/a girlfriend would be excersise instead of all the pain,and suffering you must endure instead. Hmmmm, i think i even just posted that on my blog yesterday.
    I just love the way it makes me want to slow down, relax, enjoy life or ponder it if need be,and i do usually sit with a girlfriend or with God (by way of bibly study homework).
    I used to hate it but all my friends were doing it, about 20 odd years ago, so i jumped right on that bandwagon. Now i like anything coffee. Right down to the coffee mugs/cups/places/smells/looks/everything. Now here is the funny kicker to that.....ready....I CANT MAKE IT!!! I know, everyone laughs. But i cant get it right. So i've given up for now.
    Mine is usually 2 vanilla creamers/1 sugar in a large starbucks mug no matter where it comes from.

  37. Goodness, there are a lot of posts on this topic. That shows how addicted our society is to caffeine, haha.

    Mmmmm, coffee. Now that I'm nursing much less frequently, coffee has once again entered my daily diet. I like it with cream only (and I'm talking real heavy cream, not artificial nondairy stuff). MMmmm, now I need to go find some.

  38. Well, I'm from Seattle, so of course I drink coffee. And I take mine black!

    Actually I buy organic coffee from the local organic food store! It's way better than Starbucks!

  39. How about a piece of pie AND some coffee...? lol
    You have officially become the perfect hostess with your sweet little coffee maker and flavored creamers, I just know they loved you before, but now?! :o)
    I love my coffee, can't start the day without it, always have since I was about 18. Just one scoop of sugar or honey to sweeten it up a bit, and it has to be in a pretty mug. :o)


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