Friday, March 06, 2009

Time for some CUTE!

Look at the twins & how big they are getting!

Sophia called me to tell me she got some new boots... me? I said, what kind? Rain boots or snow boots? She did her cowboy Papaw so proud - she was like "DUH - cowgirl boots!!!" - like there is no other kind - what was I thinking? And when did four year olds have attitude that make you feel dumb for not even thinking of cowgirl boots? Oh, how I love those girls...

And let me tell you - their Papaw & Yaya did them up good - those are some REAL boots - no playing around - they could get on a ranch & hop up on a good horse with those babies! Madi would totally round up the horses.. no problem!

They also got new little doggies.... Sophia told me her yellow one is named Buffy after my Buffy... but her heart still wants Bruno so badly. She's trying to con Yaya into asking me if I will give Bruno to her.... so, I'm trying to make it easy... I'm going to try & give her some Bruno time this weekend.... its supposed to be warm. Maybe a walk through the park will do them both some good.

Madi doesnt have time to deal with dogs... give her a horse instead!
PS - notice that picture on the wall - the Wizard of Oz picture... tell me my brother isnt talented - he drew that in pencil himself.... isnt it awesome!


  1. They are too cute!!
    And wow, you aren't kidding about your brother's talent, that's fantastic!

  2. I want that picture for Emily!

    Nice boots!

  3. Look at them cute boots! Loved this, haha!!!! And that picture is so GREAT, your brother has some major talent!!

  4. The silver boots are some sick kicks! Love em! The expressions on both of the girls faces seem so determined yet deadpan. Kinda reminds me of those Old West photo places that you find at Myrtle Beach or Tweetsie Railroad, etc. The ones where you get all dressed up like a gunslinger or a saloon girl.

    I can just picture these 2 girls dressed as little Annie Oakleys!

  5. LOVE the cowboy hats too! How precious are they :) And yes, Ryder's hair is sometimes red and sometimes blond, it just depends on the light I guess ha!

    Happy Friday- TGIF!

  6. What cuties! I agree, if your brother drew that picture, he definitely has some serious artistic talent going on!

  7. Nice boots!!

    The Oz pic is awesome!!

  8. Rebecca Jo,
    They are so cute!! I am not a fan of the cowgirl boots for my tootsies, but they are real girls, I am a wimp =)

    And that picture, girl get out. Do you draw as well? That boy's got some talent!!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  9. CUTIE PIES in those cowboy hats!!! My niece is having a "cowgirl" b-day party next weekend...complete with a live pony for riding!!!

  10. Those are my kinda girls!! LOVE the boots and hats!

    And that picture is amazing!

  11. Cute boots! I wanna get me some with the spurs!

  12. That IS some cute you have there! They are darling.

    BTW.... I've never seen "Meet Joe Black", but after that description of yours I think I need to!

  13. They are adorable!

    And wow--that pencil drawing is amazing!!

  14. Nothing cute than a little one in cowboy boots and hat. Or two.

  15. What cuties! so sassy!

    That picture of OZ is AMAZING! Wow!


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