Friday, March 20, 2009

Lucky way to start the weekend!

Now, this is a way to start a weekend!!!! I come home on Friday & have two packages in the mail. The first was from a new blog buddy that I am just loving getting to know. Go visit Lauren - she's fantastic.

She had a contest on naming her Ford Focus & I gave her my name of "FLO" - with the idea of when you are driving down the road in your car, sporting, you should just "flow" along... Lauren dug it... YIPEE! She told me she was going to send me a surprise in the mail.... talk about a surprise!!!!

I got a gift card for Olive Garden - which is PERFECT timing because we used a gift card we got for Christmas there last weekend & I found a new favorite dish & am dying to try it again.... now, I have an excuse!

She also sent me a Starbuck's gift card.... with all the talk of coffee going on in my blog the other day, she even gave me two choices she recommended & I promise Lauren, I'm totally going to go try it... I'm excited about it too!!!!

Isn't this girl so thoughtful & sweet!!!! Thanks so much.... now I have not one, but TWO things to look forward to because of you.... You totally made my day!!!!

And then..... I got another package in the mail....This one was from Pam at "You're Going to Miss This".... this is an amazing mom & woman! She had a contest on her blog & gave away so many incredible things. I was blessed to win this box of Scripture Cards from Beth Moore on Faith! I LOVE it... it takes me back too.

When I was growing up, we had a little holder that held business cards looking things that had scripture on them... I always loved to pull them out & read them even when I was little....I put this box on my kitchen table too.

Thank you Pam!!! I am so going to enjoy memorizing these Scriptures too - especially for Beth Moore's Scripture Memory Challenge... how perfect is that!!!

And Ricky wasn't left out! He may not have had packages in the mail - but he had puppy love waiting for him to start the weekend....This is an every day thing if Ricky will do it... the dogs just get so excited when he gets home - he'll lay in the kitchen floor & they take their turns laying on him, getting attention.... I dont know who's more spoiled - the dogs or Ricky!

Thanks again ladies!!!!


  1. Rebecca,
    How fun is that? Gift cards and Memory cards all in one day ~~ get out of town girl!!! So happy for you!!

    Have a flowing (heehee) good weekend,

  2. I'm so, so glad I could bless you with this. You're absolutely precious!!! :o)

  3. I love that picture, that is so sweet!!!!

    My goodness, lady - you got some awesome surprises today!! You go girl!

    Thanks for the birthday love!! =)

  4. Wow--how fun!! Congrats on your exciting mail--all I got was bills!

  5. You needed that kind of start to your weekend! And how cute is Ricky?? Lovin' on that puppy!

  6. My mailman doesn't bring me half as good as stuff as the special things you got. I love the scripture cards!

  7. WOOHOO for fun mail! =D That was really sweet of Lauren.

    And more fun prizes too! Have fun memorizing! =)

    heehee at Ricky and the pup. Too cute!

  8. Rebecca Jo,
    How fun was that getting not one, but TWO, packages in the mail! How sweet of Lauren to send you the Starbucks Card and even make some recommendations,too! I'm curious, what did she recommend that you try? We're gonna make a coffee lover out of you yet!

    And I LOVE those scripture memory cards. We also used to have the little business card holder memory cards and I used to love them. I am going to have to look at my bookstore to see if they have those Beth Moore "Faith" ones.

    Oh...and there is nothing like some puppy love to get the weekend started off right! Hope you have a great one, my friend.

  9. Wow you got the good haul! Lots of good goodies!

    You sure sparked a memory with me...growing up we had this little plastic "loaf of bread" on the kitchen table. It held tiny "business" size scripture cards. I love miniature anything so that little Daily Bread box was just my fav thing - but then it just went away when Mom redecorated the kitchen. I am now searching the net to find one of those - I forgot how much I loved that little thing! Thanks so much for sparking that memory!!!

    As always - you are just a peach!

  10. How fun! That is a great way to start the weekend! I love Olive Garden too! I could go and chow on that one soup they have about every other day!

  11. Congrats on all of your goodies! That is definitely a great way to start a weekend!

  12. Wow it looks like you got a great surprise in the mail too! That is soo cool! I can't wait to see what drink you try at Starbucks and what you think. Carmel Machiato's (sp) are very yummy!

    The cards look wonderful too! How special! Glad you got some mail love too!

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  14. Wow, great packages!!! You lucky girl you. :o)
    Love the pic of your hubby with the doggy, no one would ever dare lay down on our kitchen floor! LOL

  15. wow, girl! those are awesome prizes!

    just wanted to remind you that I moved my blog to

  16. Wow! Olive Garden & Starbucks - how much more perfect can you get?? I just love to get cards and packages in the mail! So fun -enjoy your gift cards! Oh, and cute puppy lovin' also!

  17. Jealous! Starbucks and Beth Moore? You are lucky! And I love the Flo suggestion.


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