Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!!

We made it!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Its Spring!

I love Spring - seeing everything that was once dead & frozen come alive again! Seeing all the blooms breaking through the ground & coming out on tree limbs that look like they have no life in them! Seeing color everywhere again - green from the grass, yellow in daffodils popping up, white & pinks from trees.... its such a beautiful time.

We have a plant in my front yard that means so much to me too.... Steph had it dug up from her yard before she passed away & we planted it in our flower bed. Where it had died last year, there is still some of the limbs that are brown & grey & dead.... the green has pushed the dead away & its blooming once again. The visual of that just makes me want to cry - how Spring reflects new life! Steph has new life as well - eternal life with her Heavenly Father!!!!

How Spring is a reminder of how Jesus can make "all things new".... how we go through seasons of our own life - but there will always be a time where we can bloom again, grow again, be re-created!

Enjoy this song - its one of my favorites!


  1. I had never thought of Spring that way but it makes sense!
    Thank you Rebecca!

  2. Awesome song and video! Love the message you shared as well! Happy Spring!

  3. I second Funny in my mind....who's Steph?

    Love your little garden art guy!

    Great message about Spring too! You are a creative little thing!

  4. I love Spring! I am so glad it is here!

  5. I don't know who Steph is but that is very touching.

    I love spring too :)

  6. What a great way to remember Steph by!

  7. Happy spring, I just love that little garden buy, too cute!

  8. Love that song, it is one of my favorites as well... and isn't it cool that you have that plant to remind you of Steph's new life each spring.

    (FYI - Steph is Rebecca's best friend who passed away from Cancer. She was a truly amazing lady who loved the Lord, and was such an inspiration to so many. Hopefully Bec will give you all a glimpse into their relationship sometime... they were truly "sisters"!!!)

  9. I LOVE spring! yay! This weather makes me want to skip around or something haha

  10. Yay for spring? And for those beautiful orange tulips!

  11. I love Spring, too! All of my perennials are starting to pop up and my Phlox is already blooming! I LOVE it!

    What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. i am excited about spring. it is exciting to see the dead making way for new life.


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