Friday, March 27, 2009


Satan has been on my butt lately... dont know why, but I'm telling you - he's been throwing some stuff at me lately. The kind of stuff that makes you questions things, question paths your on, question what your doing.

I was talking about some of these things with a friend, & he said to me "Maybe your being tested?"

I thought - dang, I always hated tests! Even in school!!!

But I can see what he's talking about - don't you feel sometimes like Job - that God gives permission sometimes for Satan to tempt us & that God sees what we're made of?

And I thought about tests - even though I've been out of school for awhile - I can remember them! What did you have to do to pass a test - you had to STUDY! You had to PREPARE! You had to be READY!

Did you ever forget a test was coming & you have that panic feeling of, "How am I going to make it through?" - or you just sort of gave up & just expected to fail, as you circled all the "C's" - isn't that they said the average answer is - the letter C?

And can you remember the difference when you were ready for that test? You went in & sat in the chair with a straight back - just asking for the paper - with a sort of attitude like "Let's do this - I got you!"

So Mr. stupid Satan... I'm digging deeper - I'm reading my Bible even more, even getting some advice from the MAN himself... so bring it on! I'm ready for any test! And I'm prepared to PASS! NOT FAIL!

You ready for a test? Let me tell you - if you havent had a test of any kind lately that challenges you, I bet a Pop Quiz is headed your way!


  1. i really loved this blog!
    it's so true.
    god really does test us at times to see what we are made of.
    i know you will past these tests with an A+ because you are a true follower of God and His word!
    much love,
    kacy lyn!

  2. I am flunking the tests daily but I keep studying.
    You do the same!!

  3. Ahh Girl I hear ya! You're one amazing lady and you are wonderful person inside and out! Test suck but I know you'll do right and if not you'll come right back and get back on track. Trials and tribulations we make it threw. Hugs Girlie :)

  4. Good post! Good lesson! Thanks for being real and sharing honestly with us.

  5. So very true!
    Thank you for posting this!

  6. Rebecca~
    As Christians, we are constantly being tested and we have to stay on our toes with our noses in THE BOOK! Hang in there, girl...I have complete confidence that you'll pass the test with flying colors!

  7. I am always being put to the test by GOD. So far I am passing. :)

    Have a great weekend! P.s! My wipers.. so far so good! :)

  8. Great post... but not ready for any tests right now...just trying to keep things a float... (hey, maybe that IS my test...fingers crossed)

  9. When it comes to tests I always think about when someone is setting up a stage and they want to make sure the audience will be able to hear them. They say something like, "Testing, testing, 1,2,3, testing."

    I sometimes think God does that in order for us to hear him better.

    He goes through the testing process because he wants to make sure we hear him!

  10. ha! I loved this post! You are totally going to kick Satan's arse on this test!

  11. Ugh. Being tested is no fun.. but the rewards are usually great! Hang Tough my friend. I am rooting for you.

  12. Just stopping by to say hi and hope you're having a wonderful day! You're the best at being you, just remember that ;)

  13. So true and the strong in faith will survive.

  14. I hate when I go through questioning phases. Hope yours passes soon and the answers come to you.

  15. Great post as well as great lesson.

  16. This is great! I hate tests too -- thanks for the reminder to prepare!


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