Thursday, March 26, 2009


It is a rainy the kind you can hear coming down hard outside your window kinda morning. I have always loved heavy rains - the sound of them, the smell of them - they are just relaxing to me. But I dont like driving in them!

Puddles scare me & I'm always afraid I'm going to spin out when I hit a big one. I also hate when it rains so hard that your wipers cant keep the window clean & I feel like I have to get up close to the steering wheel to see better.

I was sitting at a stop light & I was watching the rain drops hit my window - the wiper would come across, wipe it clean, but before it could even make the return trip back across the window, rain drops were all over it again.

A little later, the rain had slowed where the wipers had cleaned it totally & then the rains picked back up, & even on high, there was NO WAY the wipers even looked like they were working.

WOW - I could see how problems hit us like that. Sometimes, they come down where we can handle them, wipe them out quickly....sometimes, they come faster where we can wipe them out but other problems keep arising.... & then, there are the storms of life! Where no matter what you do, you cant get on top of it! You feel overwhelmed - like nothing is working - you almost think, "Why bother?".......

I ran in my work for cover & am still watching the rain.... & it hit me.... the rain isn't going to last forever.... the sky will clear again.... the sun will come out & dry everything up....everything will be calm again soon.....

If you are going through a storm right now & you feel like your "wipers" arent doing anything to clear that window - hang in there.... God will be bringing out that sun soon.... you'll be OK... blue skies WILL return!


  1. That's very encouraging Rebecca and that post makes me hopeful for the future! :)
    Thank you!

  2. Oh Rebecca this was Wonderful! And you are absolutly right.....God will bring the sunshine and clear up our days, no matter what problems we face. Thanks!!!

  3. Such a beautiful analogy, Rebecca! You are so right on! We need to remember that storms come and go, but if we'll keep looking UP, blue skies are bound to break through, eventually.

    It's rainy here in Georgia, too!

  4. I'm cutting & pasting this post so I can read & re-read again. This couldn't have come at a better time.

  5. Okay this post hit me but probably not in the way you wanted it too. I just got my windshield wiper motor replaced yesterday for the 4th time in one year!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 times... and this time they now just figured out that the motor they keep putting in is faulty. It fills with water when in use. Imagine.. they only cover labor for 30 days so if it doesn't rain in 30 days and you go to use them and they don't work you're out of luck! 600 bucks on wiper motor just for labor.. the part was covered.
    Ugggg... sorry .. I just had to tell you! :)

  6. OMG!!!! I absolutely loved this and needed this today!!!! Thank you a million times over. And not to mention, I actually need to get new wipers for my car, because they are on their last leg and it’s pretty sad and dangerous actually because they’d actually probably do the job more if I got new one’s put on!!!! Thanks for the reminder that I need to get new wipers pronto, ha!

  7. a beautiful analogy...loved it...stopping by with some SITS love

  8. Lovely post! Thank you!

    I laughed right out loud at your comment on my "contractions" post. So funny! Thanks! :) Nice to meet you in cyber-space.

  9. Wow, you always find lessons to learn in life. You are amazing and so inspiring!

  10. Loved this post! It was raining hard here this morning too but all it made me think was that I wanted to stay in bed :-)

  11. Thanks, Friend. I think you wrote this just for me today. Hugs...

  12. Yup, you're right! And many times at the end of the storm you'll see the rainbow!

  13. I hate driving in the rain, too. Mainly because I am obsessive compulsive about windshield wipers going at the proper speed - not too fast for the amount of rain, but not too slow either. And HEAVEN FORBID they ever squeak. Not as profound as what you wrote, but nevertheless, your post resonated with me.


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