Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dang it! I've got a problem & I dont know what to do.... the problem is involving PAIN too!

The mini-marathon is coming up in 3 weeks... just 3 weeks! Well, I'm up to 6.5 miles - which is good, right? Now the bad news...

A few weeks ago, I pulled my inner thigh muscle - its not a groin muscle - its an actual inner thigh muscle.... It goes too low to be a groin muscle...

I was on the treadmill & thought it was a muscle cramp. I got off, worked it out, but the pain still lingered. Well, I ran the next day & WOW - the pain was there! The problem now, its getting worse each time I walk or run.... & today, I am in serious serious pain!

I know I'm supposed to let it heal, but the marathon is in three weeks!!! I'm only half way there too in mileage & need to keep going - so how am I supposed to let it heal and STILL train?

Last night was the worst - we had our youth small group (HOLLA!) after I ran & I thought I was going to scream in pain... actually, I did scream when I went to cross my legs!

Who knew when you actually lifted your leg to walk, or much less walk up a step, its those inner thights that do the work... I know now! Honestly, it hurts to lift my leg an inch to take a step!

WHAT DO I DO????? It hurts so bad, I dont have a choice but to not run tonight... but I know its going to take longer than a day to heal... & time is ticking....

I'm so mad....stupid thighs... I never liked them anyways!


  1. Rebecca~
    I guess I'd forgotten all about you training for a half-marathon. I am so impressed! However, I'm very sorry about your injury! Brittany has suffered from shin splints and I had a stress fracture that I got during a race I was in. I know all too well how something like that can set you back. However, I'm one who believes that if something is meant to be, it will happen. So, just take some time to get fully healed and allow the rest to fall into place...IF it's God's will. Praying for you, my friend! Keep your chin up and take good care!

  2. I'm SO not a runner, but if you don't let this heal, you're not going to be able to make it in the mini-marathon! Sure it'll cut into your training to sit out a couple of days, but you'll do better to wait to give your thigh a chance to heal. Maybe in the meantime you can do something that doesn't stress that muscle?

  3. Ugh, how frustrating Rebecca!
    Have you considered seeing a doctor just to make sure that you didn't tear your muscle up?

  4. Hope it heals soon! No advice as I barely get past CRAWL...

    Good luck!

  5. Your won't lose your lung and muscle capacity too quickly so it is more important to take the time off. Try biking or eliptical to cross train if they don't hurt. But take some days off!

  6. REST! You have to let it heal. You could possibly have a micro-tear in the muscles. If so you can be doing additional damage each time you stress that muscle. You could try to wrap your leg to give extra support to that area but I would say call the Dr.

  7. Ooo, honey! I don't know what to tell you. I've never had that happen. I try not to strain myself too much to get hurt LOL

  8. Yikes ... I'm so sorry to hear that my dear, I hope it starts to feel better soon!

    You go girl, you amaze me!!!!

  9. Okay... gonna weigh in here... you have got to let this heal... you are probably doing more damage each time you work it. And I know the reasons that you want to continue... honestly I do... but an injury is not the same as being a quitter... it is an injury... plain ans simple. And believe it or not... there will be other races!!!

  10. I hate to hear about your injury but can I say you are so awesome for attempting a marathon !! But you do need to rest it.
    You hang in there!!

  11. Oh no! Well you don't want to make it worse and then you won't be able to run the marathon at all! My advice, take it easy girl!

    OUCH I'm so sorry!

  12. Go have it checked out. You don't want to cause irreparable damage.

  13. Rebecca,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and easing my mind about the root canals. Found out today I would in fact need 2! Sorry to hear about your injury, let it heal it's for the best.

  14. You may have torn something. If you keep pushing yourself it will not heal right--and then you'll have to deal with internal scar tissue. Better take it easy. Go have it checked out!

  15. Rest it, use some bengay, don't strain this muscle for at least three days.

    I took almost two weeks off from running while training for my race, then got back on schedule the two weeks before the race.

    If you're already up to 6.5 miles, I really think you'll be fine taking the time off.

    Good luck.

  16. Keeping you in my prayers for healing. Sorry to hear about your leg muscle.

  17. Keeping you in my prayers for healing. Sorry to hear about your leg muscle.

  18. Ouch is right! That sounds very painful and by the way I am VERY impressed that you are up to 6 miles :)

    I will pray that the pain goes away in time for the marathon!

  19. Yeah, I'd try biking or the eliptical to keep the mileage but it is important to rest and let it heal.

  20. So frustrating! Grr! I hope it's feeling better now that it's been a few days.

    I'm dealing with my stupid Achilles. The pain is there...not as bad as it was last Fall, but I'm determined to keep going, BUT taking it easy too.


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