Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He's coming!

My dad gave me a phone call to tell me what my niece, Sophia just said.

First, let me tell you - the twins are going to a pre-school at a Christian church & having their "Bible Study" & learning all about Jesus.

Did you know Jesus could walk on water? They can tell you all about it.... their papaw tried to tell them he could to... smart girls didnt buy it for a minute!

Well, dad said him & Sophia were in the back yard - she was climbing a tree & watching the sunset. He said all of a sudden, she just got a look on her face, put her hands to shield the sun from her eyes & then said,

"Papaw - I see Jesus coming!"

Dad said he just laughed...he told them that Jesus was coming back but he'd be on a white horse like Cochese, the one he has... with the girls being mini cowgirls & horse lovers, that made the girls even MORE excited about Jesus coming back!
I love that she was excited about seeing him though.... she wasnt afraid - she was ready! She was probably thinking, "Come on Jesus - let's play!"

You ready to see him? You excited about Him coming back? What we can learn from the innocence of a child!


  1. That is so sweet....;) .......God is so good!

  2. Kailyn is always asking about Heaven and how we get there. She knows that Jesus has tons of toys for her to play with.

  3. Rebecca,
    Oh the faith of a child brings such joy to my heart. They are so sweet.

    Indeed come Lord Jesus come!!

    Love you friend,

  4. That is one precious story! Yes, I look forward to the day Jesus comes back and being able to finally go HOME!

  5. So cute. I love it. It reminds me of a sign we pass at a local church that says "Jesus is coming soon" and everytime I see it I say "Ok, Im ready!" I just wish my Hubby was ready too. Hopefully someday.

    Great post Rebecca!!

  6. Came over from SITS!! That is so sweet!

  7. the faith a child is so real. they have a lot to share and teach us. i love it!

  8. I love this! So awesome :)

    My girl goes to a Christian school right now, this is her 3rd year. Next year she will be in public school, and I pray she is a light to the other children that don't know about God yet.

  9. So precious! I love when we can learn from kids!! So cute!!

  10. Rebecca Jo and Ricky Dean, who wouldn't love THAT! :o) This was fun, learning more about you guys, always neat to see how other people interact with their hunnies.


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