Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was so excited at church last night! I've been blessed to be on the Pulpit Search Committee for the past 5 months & we finally got to introduce our nominee to the church last night. This man is an INCREDIBLE man & we were so anxious for everyone to meet him & to see the love of Christ & the passion to serve in him!

So I got home & was still pumped up.... excited for the evening! You know those nights when you are so excited & you KNOW you need to get to bed & you just can't? I have to get up at 5:30 every morning & that comes way too early sometimes.

I'm laying there, listening to my Yanni CD - trying to relax & I'm praying as I'm laying in a dark room. Then, I could feel the weariness of the whole day sweep over me. I could feel my body easing up, my mind starting to drift & thought "Ahhh, this is what rest feels like"

I got up this morning thinking about how refreshed I felt & thought - I can totally appreciate that verse in Matthew 11:28 -

"Come to me all you who are weary & burdened, & I will give you rest...."

Maybe because it was like I could physically feel the "REST" coming upon me - the giving up of the strain of the day, the excitement wearing off, the time for my body to just do nothing but recover & recoop - how I saw how God wants to give us the same sort of rest!

That He wants to take the weariness & burden & just give us comfort....

Have you ever been so tired, you couldnt even hold your eyes open & how good it feels to just get in bed & finally fall asleep... what a wonderful feeling to finally collapse...

And what about if you wake up too early & you didnt get your complete rest - are you grumpy? I know I am.... Have you sometimes not got the full night's sleep you need?
Isn't it the same when we dont let God give us all the rest we need - where we take things back into our own hands? When we get just a little bit of rest & then jump up & say, "Its OK God, I've got it from here!".....Where does that leave us - even more tired, worn out - in need of more rest....

I think I'm ready to go home & get in my jammies now with all this talk of rest.... YAWN!


  1. How inspiring Rebecca!!
    Reading your blog is a great support for me as I'm trying to find my way to God.
    So, thank you!

  2. Preach it, Girlfriend! LOL

    I was thinking today of how thankful I am to be feeling better than yesterday. I was feeling totally cruddy and napped for 20 minutes yesterday during my lunch. One of those totally icky days when I needed to stay home in bed but couldn't.

    On my way home today from lunch, I thanked the Lord for the difference between the two days.

    I'm blabbering, but I think you know what I mean. It sounds like you were totally thankful for the full rest He gave you.

    God is so good!

  3. Going to crawl up in my bed.....right now. =)

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Remember me? Your Jesus loving, non-knitting, MO girl?!! I so hope you do =) Sorry I haven't been commenting, ya know all the travel and prep and coming home and the car-lag and on and on...

    But I will hopefully be getting caught up. I loved this about rest and have so been there this week. I thought I'd colapse Tuesday night when we got back from MN and today I've been so tired.... double-yawn

    Have a Blessed evening friend,

  5. I love the feeling of being so tired and just being able to crawl into bed--it's great!!


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