Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's talk Dance!

I'm so excited my show is back on for another season... let's get into the show

First up - Holly! ..... OK, she did better, but the judges were a little harsh, weren't they? Not starting off the night right. I did like her line though - the best day - a "Holly Day"... I loved that Demetri didnt get it... loved him from "So you think you can dance"!!!

2nd - David Allen Grier!! First, can I say, I LOVE Comedians & this man always cracks me up!! Always! I think Bruno didnt like his little joke, but I cracked up... take a joke Bruno! And I think the dude can dance! Why dont they like him? Horrible scores! I'm upset... I know where my votes are going.

3rd - Denise Richards.... at least she didnt cry this week. She did better than last week - that's for sure. What was with the grabbing of Tom's rear end? Alrighty then..... I dont like that they judged her better than David... I'm mad now!

4th - Belinda Charlisle.... doesnt she look like Priscilla Presley - is it me? And I didnt know the "Go Go's" had moves that were of their own... I'm confused! And why does Jonathan add weird, stupid stuff - a hand stand at the end - seriously?

5th - Ty Murray...... OK - I officially love me a cowboy! How cute was he trying so hard.... & he did so GOOD!!! Did you see Jewel just beaming? I think she was even surprised! He looked so adorable with that smile too. Wonder if he'll do that on his next bull ride? OK - have to divide my votes now between David & Ty....

6th - Shawn Johnson ... first, let me say -I'm biased - I love Mark!!! I loved him & Kristi together!!! How cute is she that she's embarassed to shake her hips!!! Ahh - young one! Doesn't she look a little like Sabrina? But aint no body got moves like the Cheetah Girl!! But Shawn did alot better than I thought....did you see that kick behind her head? Mark knows how to make a girl use her benefits.... someone slap Bruno! Dont tell a 17 yr old that she needs "Nastiness"!

7th - Apple Dude!! Steve Wosniak... I'm excited... I loved his "geekiness" from Kathy Griffin! He never seems like he's in a bad mood!!! Dude has a hurt foot & isnt stopping... what a go-getter... I love him even more now! .... there's KATHY GRIFFIN in the audience!.... Anyone notice Len is being the nice guy this year so far?.....Bruno called him charming - that's a good word for Mr. Apple!.... Ah, one aspirin in 5 days - how cute is this man! I just want to see him continue because I cant wait to see what he has to say.

8th - Chuck Wicks - How adorable is Juliann? So we're finding out that Latin Dances just dont work with Cowboys as we saw in Ty last week. Juliann is taking off Brook Burke's pants from last year... love how they swing! Where can I find fringe pants?..... did he even dance... I was mesmorized by the pants....

9th - Lawrence Taylor- uh oh - the football player is mad.... can I say, I think Edyta has the most amazing body of any woman in the world.... I thought he was going to swing her out of there... the judges actually liked it? I'm confused.... maybe they just want a football player to hang in there for awhile.

10th - Steve O - anxious to hear what happened with him now!!!! What is going on with all the injuries!!! Its making me want to NEVER dance - all this is giving dance a bad name!.... how is he not going to dance tonight? How will this work? Oh, we get to see the dress rehearsal....oh yeah - that final flip on his back.... that's what did it... poor guy! I was thinking just as Len said - you know he probably wasnt even trying that hard in that rehearsal.... I think we may be seeing our first person who's going to leave tomorrow....

11th - Lil Kim - Girl can groooooove!!!!! I think she's going to be good this season... She looks so elegrant. I would totally fall running in heels across the floor like that! YIPEE... how good was that!!! She looked so classy & beautiful... if the judges give her bad stuff, I'm going to be mad! .....uh oh, judge fight! But they seemed to like it... that was really nice!!!
12th - Melissa... YES - this is who I'm cheering more than anyone... I'm expecting big things here! And it helps that Tony is her partner... he is my favorite... Still am bitter that him & Stacy didnt win Season 2! ..... HOW MUCH FUN DID SHE LOOK LIKE SHE WAS HAVING?????? Awesome! Her smile the whole time was great.... She's my favorite FOR SURE!! That was amazing!!! .... but I could do without Tony's tank top - oh design team - what kind of tank top is that???? ....."The Salsa of the night"!!!! YES! .....A NINE!!!!! - GO GIRL!!!!
13th - Dont know his name... I'll call him "Italian Hunk"....AHHH - I get it - Green for Kryptonite & the classes for Superman... clever...Could have done without the corny ending... but man, he can dance - can't he!!!! HEY - There's SABRINA... I was just talking about her! Let her get out there & shake some moves!!!! (Can you tell I'm getting excited now - lots of !!!! & caps - its been a late night!) Bruno said French - is this guy French or Italian or Spanish... doesnt matter - he's great! .... 3 NINES????? (Got the name - Gilles)
So the overall night - the last half was excellent. Loved the last two with Melissa & the "hunk"... I hope it comes down to those two people that aren't really "big" stars...Still gotta call for David Allen Grier! Dont want him to go - also gotta support my Melissa!!! And gotta give it up for Ty too - lots of votes to hand out this week! Cant wait to see how it goes tomorrow!
What was your favorite dance of the night?


  1. Honestly I've never been a big fan of this show! I've tried season after season to watch it and find that I get bored and flip the channel! I will say this season has held my attention better, the cast is pretty good!! I too am a Melissa fan, she really is a pretty dancer! I bet she goes far!! Maybe this season will be the season I actually get into it!

  2. Great rundown of last night's show! I watched most of it...I taped the rest. Yes, Belinda Carlisle looks exactly like Priscilla Presley! As for my favorites...I'm pulling for Ty Murray for the men...he's just too cute! For the women...it's Melissa all the way! I so want her to win because I want that meanie Jason to realize what he gave up! It's called REVENGE! Sorry, I should be nicer! :)

  3. Love the recap because I fasted TV for lent!!! :o) Happy Tuesday!!!

  4. I just can't get into this show! I tried watching it last season but it just wasn't happening for me...

    I know my sister totally loves it and I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!!

  5. I watch it off and on depending on which "stars" will be on. I actually got into this season because Castle comes on right after it and I don't want to miss that, but I got hooked because of Melissa. After what that douche did to her she totally deserves this, and I am rooting forher.

  6. I'm so happy for your recap! Dish network lost their contract with ABC and I have no ABC!!! UGH .... Love the comments you're amazing. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop!

  7. I always wondered what kind of people watch these..........shows. But my own sister??? WHY!!!!! Where did my parents go so wrong the second time around!!!

  8. Hahaha! Oh, I'm sooo laughing at your brother's comment. Did he make a blog just so he could comment? Sounds like something my brother would say.

    Big brother.... yes there are many of us out there. And we adore people like your sister who will give us a recap of what we just watched!

    Woo hoo! I wonder who's going home tonight. I'm thinkin' Steve O too!

  9. Girlfriend...too bad we don't live in the same city. I'd TOTALLY watch this with you! It would be our version of knit night!

    Ok...my favorite dance last night was the dumped Bachelorette. I'll admit that I was not a fan of her during the Bachelor show (go Molly), but I think she has the most natural talent thus far. She was graceful last week and one hot mama this week.

    I like Shawn Johnson, and I love Ty. He has such a kindness in his eyes that you can't help but root for him. Jewel is a lucky lady, that's for sure.

    As far as pro's, my favorites are Jonathan (he seems the kindest and most sensitive) and Julianne.

    Wow...way more information than you asked for, but I just couldn't resist.

    We should watch the show together with Skype going. Imagine what a hoot we'd have!

    Ok..I officially am way too into this show, eh? heehee

  10. Ya know, I've never watched this show. We tend to watch more cable channels rather than network channels.

  11. Rebecca I must admit- I never saw this show before but after reading the descriptions from each person and how they did- GIRL you are hillarious and now I want to see the show!

    Happy Wednesday!


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