Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What you CANNOT do...

Yep, I WAS going to share what I learned this week in my lesson at church - but I MAY be teaching it to another group of kids on Sunday - so as not to give anything away, I'm going to wait until next week to share...

But I did run across this yesterday & I really wanted to share it - its called "What we can do as Parents" - but besides the line of "I gave you life" - it can be taken for any of you that teach or lead or inspire young ones... very powerful

I gave you life... but I cannot live it for you
I can teach you things... but I cannot make you learn
I can give you directions... but I cannot always be there to lead you
I can allow you freedom.... but I cannot account for it
I can take you to church... but I cannot make you believe
I can show you right from wrong... but I cant always decide for you
I can buy you beautiful clothes...but I cannot make you lovely inside
I can offer you advice... but I cannot accept it for you
I can give you love... but I cannot force it upon you
I can teach you to be a friend... but I cannot make you one
I can teach you to share... but I cannot make you unselfish
I can teach you respect... but I can't force you to show honor
I can advise you about friends... but I cannot choose them for you
I can teach you about sex... but I cannot keep you pure
I can tell you the facts of life... but I can't build your reputation
I can tell you about drinking... but I cant say NO for you
I can warn you about drugs... but I cant prevent you from using them
I can tell you about lofty goals... but I cant achieve them for you
I can teach you kindness... but I cant force you to be gracious
I can warn you about sins... but I cannot make your morals
I can love you as a daughter or son... but I cannot place you in God's Family
I can pray for you... but I cannot make you walk with God
I can teach you about Jesus... but I cannot make HIM your Saviour
I can teach you to obey... but I cannot make Jesus your Lord
I can tell you how to live... but I cannot give you Eternal Life

Keep doing ALL that you can... then pray about the rest knowing that that is in God's Hands.


  1. EXCELLENT...I'm printing this one out!

  2. As a parent this was great to read. Thank for sharing. I hope you are enjoy BB 11. I sure am.. What about Jillian's pick?? What a wild ending huh?

  3. My dear you always know just the way to say and when we need to hear it. It's so hard bing a parent and as Amy said it's good to read things like this :).


  4. I love this, Rebecca! So gonna print it out and hang it up!


  5. Great message, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are great things to remember!


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