Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*YIPEEE... a day off work....

*Anyone else watching "MERLIN" on NBC? I ended up watching it on Hulu & am LOVING this show!! It reminds me of a cross over of Buffy & Charmed with the magic... but with the old King Arthur /Camelot feel! And even better - Arthur's father is still king - & he is played by GILES from Buffy!!!! It really is good... check it out! I'm keeping fingers crossed it doesnt get canceled - but Sunday night time slot.... probably not the best!

*Look at this that one of the girls drew at church... isn't this the funniest thing EVER? Poor Ryan (the drawing in the center) - he said "I didnt realize you hated me so much!".... the boy on the end said "I look like a Chinese woman"... Me, I was just glad I had a tiara on!!!!

*Barbie has joined Jazzercise! Honestly! This girl came in - she just moved here from Florida - she is blonde, looks totally like Barbie with the perfect body....& to top it off - she had on WHITE SPANDEX pants.... who wears white pants & looks good? She does.... if I wore them... this is exactly what I'd look like!

*Bachlorette Fragment! - I loved Jake even more for coming back & looking out for Jillian... but what the heck? Is this woman nuts???? She STILL chose Wes? I literally am loosing my voice every Monday from SCREAMING at the TV!!!!..... & poor Michael & his twin! He is the most adorable little thing! Even when he said "For the girl who broke my heart, I have nothing bad to say".... just the cutest!!!!

*So you think you can dance Fragment! - What the heck was that Alien impregnating dance? That guy is one whacky choreographer!!! Still rooting for my Evan & Randi team...

*Still get so sad watching all this Michael Jackson coverage....

*off to go furniture shopping.... have a great Friday!! Did I mention YIPEEE - I'm off work! Hope you all are too!


  1. Enjoy your time off from work. I love furniture shopping!

  2. Yeah, I always stay far away from white pants too!! But if you are wearing your tiara - it would definitely distract from the pants :D

  3. I just became the 100th person to follow you! Yeah!

    Enjoy your day off and furniture shopping. Sounds fun to me!

  4. I am going to be catching Merlin on Sunday. My DVR missed it for soms reason last week and the premier too.

    I loved the alien dance, but that is totally my style of dancing. I grew up dancing and my specialty is contemporary. I love really odd and dark dances like that. LOL.

    I like Evan and Randi, but not as much as I liked Evan with his brother. He is losing that spark to me. I feel like Randi isn't fully in it anymore.

    Happy F.F.!

  5. Ohhh I'm going to have to check it out, loved Buffy and Charmed :)

    LOL well a tiara is something ... LOL :)

  6. Haven't watched that show I will have to look into watching it. I haven't been watching the Bachelorette either but I did catch it that night and even having not watched it I could tell something was fishy about Wes. Have fun furniture shopping.

  7. Wow - Barbie is at your Jazzercise? Neat - did you get her autograph? ;)

  8. ENJOY :) Hope you have a Happy 4th of July weekend :) ♥ HUGS ♥

  9. I am so with you on the Jake thing, but what is HIS problem (the bawling on the hotel railing)? That creeped me out, seriously. I agree with you, though; she has very poor radar when it comes to that jerk, which makes me think she's a flake. She knows what everyone is saying about him, and yet she keeps him. OR maybe she's conniving and keeps him because it will make it MUCH easier down the road to pick the guy she wants if she has a "duh" #2 pick. See what I'm talking about?! And yes, Michael was an absolute sweetheart. What a cutie pie. So ready for love, but so young :)

    P.S. Hey (sniff, sniff) you forgot to link to me! :(

  10. White spandex pants? That's definitely a NEVER.

    Yay, Evan and Randi!


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