Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Literal Version

Have you ever seen these "Literal Versions" of videos? Oh my gosh... if you haven't - I'll warn you now, do NOT drink anything before watching this or it may result in nose burning as it will shoot out of it... or if you have an easy bladder, go pee before you click the Play button...

My buddy, Rachel (who is the mommy to that cutie pie, Emma on the left) - sent this to me a few months ago.. & seriously, I watch it any time I'm having a bad day... & it is 100% effective in making me laugh... every time!

Dont know what part is the funniest - the dancing Fonz-i... the possessed choir boy.... the angel scene... Dancing Ninja's that like to twirl???? Just too many to name... hope you all get a laugh out of this.


  1. RJ,
    That was better than coffee for waking this girl up =)

    Have a wacky, beautiful and Blessed kind of Wednesday,

  2. Oh that is hilarious!

  3. Now, that's a keeper...TOO FUNNY!

  4. That was so funny.....I need to look up more literal versions, lol

  5. That's just not right. Especially since that was the first time I'd ever seen that video. That song will never be the same for me again! Hilarious. Mullet with headlights!

  6. Oh my gosh, that was the absolute best thing I've seen all day! Hysterical!

  7. haha that was hilarious!! thanks for the laugh! & thanks for your comment about my crosses :)

  8. That is frickin HYSTERICAL!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!


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