Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favorite Summer Items...

Playing along with Mama Kat today & the prompt I am choosing is: Name my favorite 7 summer items...

#1 - How can a girl not LOVE pony tail holders for summer? My favorite are the Goody ones that are the "no-snag" kind... no metal or anything on them... I have pony tail holders on my car mirror, in my purse, actually have one on my wrist right now... & between me & Ricky - we go through these puppies!

#2 - I live for summer for Old Navy Flip Flops... I do like any sort of flip flops, but I really do prefer Old Navy's... why - first, they are CHEAP!!!! Second, they just seem more sturdy for a "cheap" pair. I've bought some for $7 & at the end of the day, the bottom of my feet are the same color as the flip flop - hate that! I love to watch when they go on clearance at the end of the year, & I stock up for the NEXT summer!

#3 - To keep those toes looking good for the flip flops for summer - OPI nail polish! A MUST! At first, I hated paying that much for polish when you can find some cheaper ones - but OPI really does seem to be the best polish - it lasts so long & there are so many colors... Every time I polish my nails or toes though, I have to start singing that song "Yeah OPP - you know me"... dont know why... OPI... OPP - close enough...

#4 - A summer MUST - FUDGSICLES!!!!! I'm not a big ice cream person - AT ALL!!! But I do like these little frozen bits of chocolate on a stick... mmmm... a good way to cool down too! I wont eat them in the winter at all - but when summer comes, they are normally in the freezer...

#5 - And going from junk to healthy - FRESH VEGGIES!!! Nothing like home grown goodies from the garden in the summer!! Someone gave me some squash & zuchinni the other day from their garden - we put it on the grill with fresh corn on the cob ... WOW ... nothing says summer then that! Funny thing is too - I'm not a fan of vegetables.. but home grown stuff - I can eat... I know - I'm odd...

#6 - FANS!!!! I love a fan in the summer time - especially when I'm sleeping! Love to have a fan blowing right in my face. Probably doesnt help with all my ear infections - but love to have cool air shooting at me on a warm evening... I feel claustrophic alot & fans help me - makes me feel the air so I dont feel like I'm suffocating & when its warm & humid - I love having that air flowing...
#7 - Yeah, its not an "item" - but its my favorite thing about summer... LONGER DAYS!!!! I love that the sky has light in it until close to 10:00 & its bright again at 6 in the morning... when the days get shorter, I get sad knowing summer is going away... so I'm loving every day we have left!
So what are your favorite things about summer?


  1. What a perfect Summer list. LOVE it! Love your flip flop collection. LOVE OPI nail polish. LOVE the long days. I don't want it to ever end. Can not even begin to start thinking about school. ICK

  2. I love me some Old Navy Flip Flops and Opi. Richard loves Fude Bars.

  3. I love your list. I love the flip flops and fudge pops for sure. I may get some today..

  4. Love ON flip flops! I think my favorite part is that I have them in pretty much every color of the rainbow, and altogether they're still cheaper than a regular pair of shoes!

  5. why did I see this post the day after I purchased $10 flipflops for VC that he will probably outgrow by next week :-( Must keep Old Navy in mind for next year.

  6. Girl down here, flip flops & fans are a year round item!

  7. I like your list. The only thing I would add is lemonade.


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