Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who needs clothes!

I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's this weekend - LOVE THAT! - & after trying on tons of clothes & coming out of the dressing room with NOTHIING (sigh!), I was down in the dumps! Nothing is fitting, the styles just arent my style - I even tried on a dress that was $95.00!!! If it fit & looked good, I was willing to get it - it fit, but didnt look good....

So how do you have a 30% off coupon & NOT use it? I did what I normally do - head over to the kiddo's section & look for some clothes for Grandbaby or the twins. I did find great deals for the twins so now, have to make a visit to see them - & then wandered in the picture frames. Now, I'm a professed picture FREAK! I would have pictures EVERYWHERE on EVERY inch of my walls. Ricky has to hold me back! I even have every place on my frig covered in pictures.

But I have one picture that I LOVE - it took me awhile to find it & once I did - not just any frame would go with it. The picture? A picture of Jesus....

Do you have a favorite picture of Jesus? There are so many - but I received this picture on a little plastic card one time & I instantly fell in love with it. Its not a picture I see very often. I found a 8 x 10 of it in Gatlinburg probably 7 years ago & snagged it up quick! Like I said though - not just any frame would do...

Walking through Kohls - the perfect frame finally sung out to me...

I came home, pulled out my precious picture of Jesus & put it in... it made me tear up... its perfect! This picture of Jesus just seems to REAL to me - He has such a caring face - such a grin that says its all going to be alright - just a face that speaks to my heart...

I instantly hung it by my bed so it will be the last thing I see every night & the first thing I see when I wake up...

Do you have a picture of Jesus that speaks to your heart?

And pphhfft - who needs clothing - I got the best thing I could have purchased today!


  1. I love that Jesus picture, but is it wrong that I think he is just so beautiful in it? I suppose that's a good way to think of our King!

    I do have a favorite picture of Jesus, I'll have to post it sometime.

    So glad you found the PERFECT frame, it looks wonderful!

  2. I've been looking for a frame this weekend and couldn't find one I liked. Even tried to hit Kohl's. Found out the 2 by my house have closed. SUCH A SAD SAD DAY.

  3. it is perfect ♥.. i love it. good story girl! who needs clothes

  4. I only got 15% this time to shop with. I usually bring my husband along and get him things or my little one.

  5. His eyes are very earnest and caring. It's a very nice photo. :)

    I never get a 30% discount. But then, you just made me realize I don't get those fliers anymore because I closed our Kohls charge some time ago. Oh no!

  6. That always happens to me too. I love, love your picture! My mom has a picture like that and one of him as a young boy and it just brings me such peace.

  7. My favorite Jesus picture is the laughing one. I'm sure you've seen it. I just love that He has a sense of humor and kindness.

    But, it's still frustrating to try on a bunch of clothes and come away with nothing. I hate it when that happens!

  8. I have to say I really like this picture of Jesus! He has this "Hey! How are ya'?" vibe going on!

    This is so ironic because last night I found my grandmother's bible. It's an old bible that actually had illustrations and there was always one picture in there that I would just stare at. Unfortunately, I don't recall what He's doing in the photo--but it's one I've always liked.

  9. My great-grandmother used to have a print of Jesus praying in the garden, and it was always my favorite. She would tell us the story of him praying before being taken to calvary, and she would say, "And there he spoke your name before he went."

  10. I love it girl, that's perfect! :)

  11. That is one of my favorites... love the smile. When I picture Him, that is how I see him... smiling! (And generally with his finger pointed at me shaking his head... but STILL smiling!)

  12. That is a beautiful picture!

    I hate when I have a coupon or money for clothes and I can't find anything. When I don't have money, everything jumps out at me.

  13. I forgot all about my 20% - but I'm with you. I've had a hard time finding anything I liked there lately. A lot of flimsy looking stuff that looks like it would fall apart after a couple washings. Or maybe I just getting old and fussy :D

  14. I insist on using 30% off coupons too! haha. But thank you so much for sharing that picture of Jesus, I actually do not have one, it truly does just look, I don't know.. real? would that be the right word. I mean, he looks so human and so real. I guess those are the words I can come up with :) I have a statue of Jesus but it doesn't speak to me or look as real as yours does. My moms friend gave it to me and while I love it, it is just such the normal image that we are used to.

  15. Such a beautiful picture. I love it.

  16. It's perfect!

    I have a picture of the angel statue that is under our angel baby Finn's tree and it totally speaks to me and makes me tear up.

  17. Doesn't that suck? I hate that too!!

    I love that picture of Jesus!

    I have one of Jesus hugging a little boy and kissing him on the cheek. I've had it FOREVER!! Some day I'll have the perfect spot to hang it. Right now, it's just sitting on top of a dresser leaning against the wall. I can see it from where I'm sitting right now.


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