Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dont these pictures look like fun? You too can do fun moves like this at your local Jazzercise class! Are you saying, "But why would I want to?".... I hear its supposed to be good for you - that's the word on the street anyways!

Yesterday in class - we did get to work on inner thighs. I have to say -this is one of my favorite areas to work... why? I guess I'm just a sick, sick person! But it is a "problem area" that I like to focus on... (What am I talking about - my whole body is a "problem area"... but that's another story!)

The thing for me working out yesterday though, it started & I could feel my thighs kicking in... OHHHH, how I could feel it kicking in. Then I noticed that my hip flexors were hurting more then my thighs. My thighs weren't hurting at all, but dang dang dang, that little area in the hips were on FIRE!!!

I asked my Jazzercise instructor at the end why this was happening - if I was doing something wrong...

she told me that when the muscle fatigues (my inner thigh) - its just natural for it to weaken & some other part of the body will kick in to compensate - to try & help out. For some, its the back, or the outer thighs, or maybe the abs...

she told me you have to sit & concentrate to put the focus back on that muscle that has weakened out - because obviously, it needs to get strengthened. Like you can bend over & it not bother your abs, but sit & concentrate & tense up your abs, you can feel a "sit up" sorta move just by concentrating on the area...

tried it.. & yep, could feel the difference...

On the way home, I thought of our Spiritual lives - how when we get in things that we're not too strong on - we weaken & just sort of give up in that area - let other areas compensate... but God wants us to be strong in ALL areas of our faith! We need to concentrate - focus on our weaknesses & work to become strong in them through God's help!!! Its natural to want to give up... but as Christians, we're NOT quitters... & while we may never be the STRONGEST in something - like my thighs are NEVER going to look like the Jazzercise instructors thighs - I can make them as strong as they can be for me... some strength is better then no strength - right?

So, onto another class today... hope inner thighs arent a part of the routine today... oh well - if they are, it'll only make me stronger!


  1. Such a great lesson to learn! You inspire me so much! :)

  2. Good for you with the Jazzercise class! I need to start exercising more!
    I love the analogy to our spiritual lives and how we can't quit. I really needed to hear that today!

    God bless your day!

  3. Thanks for the Birthday wish...

    Looks like your wish is going to come true with all of that ball working out. Way to go...

  4. I love how you can always relate anything to our spiritual lives. Love reading it and it always blesses my socks off! :)

  5. I just love reading you every morning, you truly have no idea how you bless my heart.

    And....I wish my local Y had jazzercize....my body needs it.

  6. I feel that way when I can only do 10 minutes of pilates. Some exercise is better than none.

  7. Just looking at those exercise pics hurt me....ugh. LOL

    And I agree...this was a great message.
    AND....I missed you while I was on vacation. Really I did. I thought about you often. Your my buddy :-)

  8. My gym doesn't offer those classes but I'm sure I could try some of those moves here at home. Great message, thanks for sharing.

  9. How does everything you do teach you something about spirituality? You were made to teach!

    I did my inner and outer thighs on Saturday and I STILL can't walk!

  10. those pictures look really tough!! And than you for the beautiful inspiration too!!

  11. Definitely stick with it. I am always amazed at how few muscles we must use in our daily lives because whenever I start a new exercise all sorts of muscles start acting up!

  12. these work outs sound fun! i really need to start working out again and getting back into my spiritual workout as well! <3

  13. I love how you take the simplest things in life and put a spin on it that really makes me think. :)

  14. I need to go to some jazzersize or something : ). Great lesson.

  15. I just love how you are able to tie in life experiences to spiritual experiences to religious experiences. You are brilliant!

  16. Awesome! Once again, your analogy is a great reminder and lesson! =)

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