Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I know about a Hairball!!!

I know that this is a picture of my dogs... notice they are all blond or black & white

I know this a picture of me & I have long red hair

I know this is a picture of my husband - who yes, also has long red hair

so..... I can gather that THIS is not something I can blame on our dogs...

Is that the grossest hairball ever?

I was vacuuming & the wheel wasn't turning right- so I turned it off & flipped it over.... HOLY GIGANTIC HAIRBALL!!!!- it took about 30 minutes to cut all this out... & excuse all the dust on the vacuum - I stirred it up while cleaning the bottom out... but Mr. Vacuum is all clean & dust free now...

But I know that I between the two of us - me & Ricky loose ALOT of hair...

And I know if he sees this, he's going to think it's all his & he's going to panic that he's going bald... (again, look at his picture -he's obviously not, but its a guy thing)

I know it scared Zoe!!! Seriously - she kept looking at it & wouldn't pass it in the hall way where I was working... awww - poor Zoe! I laughed at her every time she looked at it...maybe she thought it was another dog we brought into the house?

And finally - I know I'll get a call from my dad saying "Do you have to share everything Rebecca?"... Dad - the answer is YES - when you have a Gusiness Book of World Records for biggest Red hairball - its gotta be shared!


  1. you could make a sweater- Christmas is right around the corner
    ha ha

  2. LOL That's too funny!! If I gathered all the wandering hairballs from around my house, it would all be pet hair (since Kyle and I both have short hair) and it would probably amount to an entire other animal. SO gross. Haha!!

    My vacuum is dusting too. What do you expect? It's picking up dirt! LOL

  3. Well now that's just something you don't see everyday!

  4. Ha ha! I used to have long red hair- so I know the feeling sweetie!
    Now I have medium bonde/gray/red hair and four dogs, so it is almost as bad as when I had long red hair- but not quite as bad as back then. It is scary, isn't it?

  5. Oh my, now that is just hilarious. You are so not alone girl. I shed like you wouldn't believe as well. So much so that I kind of freak because I think something is wrong with me!

  6. I think that just might make it into the Guiness Book of World Records...wowza!

  7. I know the feeling - I shed more than the cats!

  8. The worst thing about the floor is it's where hair gathers. The worst thing about vacuuming is that it picks up all those hairs. I REALLY need to do it's too much when I can feel the hair on my bare feet!

  9. haha this is too funny!!

  10. This made me smile today! Thanks for sharing - and who cares what Dad thinks! :)

  11. I have never seen a hairball of that caliber before and likely never will again! Holy shnikeys!

  12. This is so funny because just last night I looked at our vacuum and was DISGUSTED by how much hair was in the roller. You couldn't even see the roller bristles for all the hair. Has to be from me and Rayna, the boys I can't blame it on LOL


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