Thursday, July 02, 2009

What I learned...

So what did I learn from this past week's lesson I taught to the Jr. High.... that we are LOST without Jesus!

It was a fun lesson! Literally had the kids bumping into each other!

I put blind folds on them, gave them each a number & WITHOUT talking, they had to get in order. Very interesting... some just stood there - others just sorta felt their way to a place - some just wandered around... the point? That the world without Jesus is just like that! Blind - not sure where to go - bouncing off each other - getting into a bigger mess!

For the Son of Man came to see & SAVE those who are LOST!!! -Luke 19:10

Then we did it again - this time, we had Joe & Ryan representing God & Satan - but the kids didnt know who was who... which one do you follow?

It was interesting because of the boys even said, "They sounded just alike - I didnt know which one to go with"... hmmm... such deep words & he didnt even realize what he said! How Satan disguises himself to look like light!

And then blind folds on AGAIN - this time - we let the kids talk - they could tell their numbers - they could "help" each other, all the while having Joe & Ryan talking to them - they STILL didnt know who was good & who was bad between the two!.... with the talking - it just caused MORE chaos... everyone talking over each other, yelling, giving orders when someone else was giving orders...

The perfect example of how its not the best thing to listen to others who are LOST as well... how can someone who cant see tell you where to go?

Finally, we told the kids - Joe is God/ Ryan is Satan - & they listened... they knew the voice - they tuned in to what Joe said... even while the whole time Ryan is messing up what Joe is doing - which was a whole OTHER thing to watch how frustrated Joe was getting (another lesson on how Satan keeps screwing things up!)....

"...his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger's voice" -John 10:4-5

While this was a fun lesson... I pray the point was put in their little hearts... The world is full of lost souls... Praying everyone hears God's voice to lead them out of the darkness!


  1. It sounds like that was a great lesson for the kids. Where do you come up with such cool ideas?

  2. That was such a deep, fun and powerful lesson. It truly was frustrating when Satan (Ryan) was going behind me and messing things up.

    I gained a whole new perspective that day!

  3. That sounds really great! Where were object lessons like that when I was in youth group?

  4. Awesome! What a neat concept and sounds greatwhat you had the kids do. I'm sure it was quite the lesson for them!

  5. What a wonderful and creative way to get your message across! I'm certain it's something they'll tuck away in their hearts and minds for a very long time.

  6. Awesome lesson... and glad you finally had enough kids to do it!!!!This is one they will remember for a long time (even when they think they have forgotten!!)

  7. What a great way to teach about being LOST without Jesus!!!
    We all need to make sure the LOST souls out there come to JESUS. I have no idea how families make it through life with out the KING in their life???
    I've missed you..since my college junior daughter is in...I have less time on the computer. I just love having her home....Julie

  8. Oh, I love this idea. Youth learn so much more through 'visuals' and I forget that so often. Thanks for this post!

  9. Oh that sounds like such a powerful lesson that you gave them! It is true, sometimes we think something that is actually evil is good and don't even know it. I always pray for the ability to listen!

  10. This was a wonderful, hands-on lesson! Kids really can't be preached at. They have to live out experiences to understand.

    I hope someone filmed this! Sounds like it was a hoot!

  11. What a powerful lesson, and one I am stealing and passing on to my pastor. I think it is one that we need to keep in mind everyday, because I know that for me personally trying to decipher between the voices of God and Satan is a difficult task some days.

  12. What a brilliant idea!

  13. What a fun lesson! I remember those interactive lessons are the ones I learned the most from!

  14. I know what else is weird. I posted earlier on roll call on SITS and it didn't post for some weird reason? So I had to do it again and got lead to this lesson!

    And, as somebody who frequently gets a bit "lost" from time to time, this was just the reminder that I needed, especially today.

    Happy SITS Saturday sharefest.

    Bec xx


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