Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gardening Birthday & Gangsta Princess VBS

Yes - it was my daddy's birthday Friday - so we all got together to celebrate. I got what I thought was the cutest cake (I've decided I'm always drawn to green - green purses, & now this green on the cake) - well, my mom doesnt appreciate ANYTHING that doesnt have blue on it - so she had blue icing in the house & she "decorated" it... I use the word "decorated" loosely - VERY loosely... the dots are supposed to be FLOWERS... my mom cracks me up!

Then the twins came over & I got to love on those girls...

And they sang Happy Birthday to their Papaw & we had some yumminess with a Shaky's Pizza (If you are around the area - its EXPENSIVE but sooo yummy! 2 large pizzas cost $68.00!!! No joke)

Then the girls got to go out in the garden with Papaw... they LOVE to find everything out there...

This is what they pulled out for the day!

All in all - a great birthday celebration!!!!!!

Then we had Vacation Bible School on Saturday & like I mentioned before - I was doing crafts.

We got to draw on umbrella's since it was centered around a Veggie Tale Movie about the search for Noah's umbrella.

There are some talented kids in there!

The most talented is my buddy Jordan - one of the youth girls that you have seen some of her drawings on here if you've followed my blog - she's drawn me some AMAZING pictures... but this is her umbrella - look how artistic it is...

Ready for my creation... ITS ME!!! yeah - my tiara is crooked... I said I'm a "gangsta Princess"...

Yeah - ok - I know... I'm sticking with knitting!!! I always say I'm "CRAFTY" - not "ARTSY"... I have no drawing skills... At least I remembered ears... along with earrings! That count for anything?

It was just great being with the kids... all except for the WASP STING I got on my hand... OUCH!!!! My hand was swollen, red & numb for a few hours... dang it! I get hurt even at VBS...

So today, I'm just exhausted... we had lunch with Ryan, ran into my brother, SIL & the twins up at the restaurant, then went shopping & I found more bargain yarn... so its really been a fantastic weekend... now, off to rest.... Hope your weekend have been full of fun...

Tomorrow- "What I learned" from my lesson from church... I loved this one - so come back now, ya'll hear?


  1. That is some crazy-expensive pizza!!! I love your gangsta umbrella!

  2. Oh my gosh, that cake is hilarious! And $68.00 for 2 pizzas?! Yikes!

  3. Do they send someone over with the pizza to serve it for the $68.00? :)

    Sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy the up-coming week.

  4. I did not Shakeys even existed any more. Stan and I used to go every friday night after a movie when we were dating. We were very poor at the time and would have NEVER spent that much on one.
    Love the cake, especially the flowers and the writing!!
    Happy birthday to Pawpaw.

  5. I just love the way your face lights up when you are with your nieces! The girls are lucky to have you for an Auntie!

  6. What better than to get to eat Birthday cake and yummy fresh veggies from the garden! And to top it all of, spending it with your adorable nieces! Looks like you had a great time and Happy Birthday to your Dad :)

  7. ditto on the green and LOL at gansta princess! Stop on by- you won my little giveaway!

  8. Okay, Really? ~~ $68.00 for a pizza? Did it have truffles on it from Italy, or whether in the world they grow truffles =)

    Girl I would say you are very artsy!! That is one cute umbrella!! Are you hanging it or using it?!! And that teen's is so beautiful. She is gifted.

    Have a Blessed day,

  9. I hope you ate that pizza really slowly and savored each little bite. I'm still recovering from hearing the price :D

    Jordan is an artiste in the making!! Your mom on the other hand ;-)

  10. What a fun idea to draw on umbrellas! I love it! :-)

  11. Holy cow-That's quite a cuke!! Love the pic of you with one of the twins :)

  12. Wow the blue flowers rock ... LOL

    Ok $68 for pizza???? It better be singing to me ... :)

    The garden lookds amazing I'm so jealous! It looks like they have a ton of room, I wish!

    Love the artsy girl I say you rocked it! Gangsta Princess :)

  13. Is the pizza dusted in edible gold? :)

    And glad to hear that my drain monster is not the only one out there!! How I shed this much is just a mystery!


  14. Love your umbrella! What a fun idea! I'm going to have to remember that. Where did you get the white umbrellas?

  15. Those umbrellas are so cool! Where'd ya find those?


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