Thursday, July 09, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*First - if you are a fan of Big Brother... you gotta go here - its a blog dedicated to Big Brother that I am so lucky to be a part of... it wasn't 5 minutes after the show went off, I had already posted an entry... Love this show... already love the "Off Beat" group... & mad as anything that Jessie is back... blah!

*For those of you that didnt see on my twitter or facebook - remember I said about someone stealing the AC units from my parents subdivision... well, they got us at work this week - AGAIN! They stole our units at work at the end of summer last year... so we fenced in everything - had barb wire around it to protect it. HA - they stole TWO of our units & cut wires to the other two to apparently come back & get.... so it was like 88 degrees in my office... Luckily - they got the unit I'm on repaired pretty quick... I'm the ONLY unit working - Thank you Lord! Times I guess are that desperate that people are stripping the copper out... sad...

*Did anyone else see the dance about addiction on So you think you can dance by Kupono & Kayla? WOW... I cried... his face & the smug look on it gave me chills... also LOVED Brandon & Jennette's dance by Wade - the little burglers... cant get enough of this show!

*Do you think Jon & Kate are probably happy the media has been on Michael Jackson lately? Giving them a break.... how messed up is that?

*My heart broke when Paris spoke about her "daddy" at the Memorial service.. my heart just breaks for all 3 of those kids... also tore me up when Jermaine sang "Smile"....

*Anyone else stand up & scream when Jillian got rid of Wes? I so badly wanted one of the other 3 to punch him in the face when he made his "comments" before Jillian passed out the roses... I love Reid & his humor... I think she's gaga over Ed - but still think she could pick Kiptyn... dont even CARE - just happy Wes is gone! And if anyone buys his CD - I'll scream at you!

*One quote from the book "The Noticer" that really hits me over & over... "What is one thing everyone would want to change about you?".... that's really deep... what is one thing that stands out to others that is obviously not a good thing... something that you dont see on your own? WOW.. I'm telling you - you gotta read the book!

*Count Down to Harry Potter is ON!!!!!!!!!!!! & did you see that "Ron" had the Swine Flu? Crazy!


  1. What a week. I love BB 11 and you so know that. I was said about MJ and his daughter's heart break along with everyone else in the family. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I think everyone who knew me would want to change my lack of self-confidence!

    And I lost it when I heard MJs daughter speak. I don't care what anyone's personal opinion about him is. Those babies lost their Daddy, and that is heartbreaking.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! My husband is a big Harry Potter fan and I need to catch up on the movies so I can see this one with him at the theater!

    Glad to have found have a super cute blog here and I can see that you are 'obviously' a charm as well!

    Happy Friday!

  4. I heart BB! :) And glad jillian wised up. Buh-bye, loser!
    Happy FF!

  5. I'm sorry, but I have no respect for that Wes dude! I was THRILLED when Jillian kicked him to the curb! Yes, I tuned into "Big Brother" last night and was sickened that Jessie is returning...he is so stuck on himself! I saw Rupert Grint (aka Ron) on "Regis and Kelly" yesterday. It was a new show and I thought he had the swine flu, too!

  6. I love the big brother series which group would you have fit in? I would have been either popular or brain

  7. Sorry-I'm addicted to other shows (plenty of them, unfortunately).

    I'm looking forward to the HP movie, too, but I'm a little creeped out by how I know they are adults and are trying to look like kids.

  8. Phew! I am so glad that you got the air conditioning fixed. I can not even imagine it being that hot! I will send your big brother link to my friend Grandma J. She just adores all things big brother related. I tried to watch, but the wedgie thing was so wierd.

  9. I was SOOO happy when Jillian got rid of Wes. I cannot stand him!! I was beginning to wonder if she was EVER going to wise up to him. I was SHOCKED at his comments before the rose ceremony. So glad he's gone!!

  10. I love Amazing Race and Survivor. I haven't gotten into the other reality shows. I used to watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette but I got annoyed with all the breakups.

    I am also looking forward to Harry Potter.

    I am almost done with "The Noticer" and will post when I complete it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Girl don't even get me started on that DIRT BAG Wes! What a looser!!!
    I think he can say good by to his music career.
    His GIRLFRIEND has a really nice SPA in Austin. I bet her business has been busy busy busy. I read that they have a child together.
    Thanks for your comment...Maybe you will be the winner of the GLAM GiVEAWAY???
    Have a great weekend!!!

  12. I have never seen BB--but so many people are crazy about it--I should check it out!

    Little Paris and Jermaine got me all teared up too--I thought the whole memorial was very well done. I also liked Jennifer Hudson's song a lot.

    Yeah--Jon and Kate must be relieved to have the spotlight on someone else!!

  13. Happy FF, sorry I never watched BB. Have a great weekend!

  14. Loved that Wes got the boot and I hope there are no women willing to date him!! Can I just tell you how much I love the book...The Noticer is life changing, if you let it be. I love thought provoking stuff and it is full of it!!
    Have an awesome weekend!

  15. Okay so because I am such a nerd, I only know part of what this post means =) Yes it is sad...

    I have that book on hold. Ummm don't watch BB, ummmm don't know who Jillian or Wes is and I've never watched Jon & Kate + 8, oh yeah and no Harry Potter for me either, BUT I love me some SYTYCD sister. Because seriously in my heart I can. I am so dancing. I know it doesn't look good when it's happening, but in my heart...oh yeah I am a dancer....a contemporary dance ~~ yep love that style ..... anyway..... the addiction one just broke my heart and that B & J, get out ~~ those two are fab.

    Okay, longest commenter ever is now closing .....

    Love ya girl ~~ have a Blessed evening,

  16. The addiction dance was my favorite this week!!!

    Totally hit home!

    Hey, I didn't know you were on twitter!!! I'm a follower!

  17. I was nodding to everything you said on here because I'm such a reality addict.

    I can't wait to see the drama unfold on Big Brother. By Sunday, there should be some fighting going on already. Yikes!

  18. Sorry about your A/Cs....some people just...ugh...

  19. Hmmm...somehow I must have clicked on that BB blog link and forgot to read the rest of this post the other day! comments, cause you know I've gotta comment. LOL

    I didn't watch last year's BB because I was disgusted by the way the show purposely matched people up. That first challenge (guy laying on girl or vice versa) made me turn it off for the season.

    Unfortunately for me, I saw that it was the "only" thing on the other night, and I, gulp, watched. We'll see how it goes. I'm getting old and persnickery...don't like the sex stuff on shows.

    SYTYCD was so good this week! I loved the burglar dance as well. Wade is an AMAZING choreographer! I could probably have watched that dance over and over (btw, the link to your video isn't working).

    Jon and Kate...I've never been into them and am thankful they are not constantly on the tv anymore...on regular channels!! Ugh.

    The MJ funeral...didn't watch. The snippets I saw on the news made me think about what a show it was. I feel bad for his children and family, but I just cannot get into a production like that. I'll be glad when his body is finally laid to rest. I hope that somewhere way back when in his personal history, that he was saved.

    One thing everyone would change about me...what a question! It would be hard to pick just one! I'm curious...what do you think people would pick about you?

    Harry Potter...never read the books nor saw the movies. Yeah, I'm a dud...never wanted my kids to get sucked into that world. I'll let you go see it for me!

    Love your Friday Fragments!!

  20. I guess I might have to jump on the BB bandwagon at some point - I keep running across fellow bloggers who love it! ;)

    As for Jillian finally getting rid of Wes - I just about did a happy dance when that happened - I guess the other 3 had too much class to knock him out when he made those stupid comments before Jillian passed out the roses - I would have lost faith in her if she kept him on, especially since I had to do a marathon viewing of 2 weeks to get caught up after being on vacation! ;) I liked him in the beginning - and thought maybe the editing made him look worse than he might be, but man, those last couple of episodes? He's a jerk and no way will I be buying his CD! NOPE! I hope she chooses Kiptyn in the end, too! ;)

    Happy FF a day late! :)

  21. Oh yes. I come from a very artistic family. I have been watching SYTYCD since season one. I do a weekly recap of the show. I wrote some of what you did about that dance. I cried too when I saw it. Hell, my hubs almost cried. He loves the show too. We are all artsy fartsy. LOL.

    I think Kate is probably pissed she isn't in the spotlight right now. She loves the fame.

    I can't wit for Harry Potter! Harry Potter and New Moon. I am stoked.

  22. I love big brother. But I'm so bummed I missed the first episode. :(


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