Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*I got Moulin Rouge on my DVR & am so excited... I can replay it over & over... Yes, I have it on DVD - it is in my top five all time favorite movies - but its just so much easier when its on the DVR... now, I can sing "Come what may" whenever I want... & fall in love with Ewan McGregor every time he sings ...

*I've just started reading 'The Time Traveler's Wife"... gotta get this book in before the movie! I HAVE to see this movie... it looks so good! & the books are always better anways - so want the best of both worlds!

*I have found you can find some pretty cool stuff on Etsy! Now, I'm not sure if this is cool, or what category this falls under... but you can get any sort of "beard" you want - go here if you want to check some out... & know you can buy this beauty right here for $75.00.... really? I guess someone likes these things... she has 217 sales as of today...

*My work is near a funeral home... I was coming back from lunch one day & saw a hearse loading up for a funeral procession! I have never seen a hearse like this before - the casket was in the back of an OPEN hearse... it was like a flat bed truck almost - but it had nice silver siding holding it in.... flowers were all over the top of the casket & along the sides of it... I was shocked! I've tried to find a picture to explain, but cant find it... I have been creeped out looking at different erses... & even spent way too much time on the site for the National Funeral Exhibition...

Even more disturbed that there is a "Humor" category on this site!!! And a site that is called "Funeral Humor" - For the Death Care Professional who has everything... even selling t-shirts, mugs & hats... oh my... doesnt everyone want this shirt? Maybe it'll go with the beard from above..... (I am not making this up... who would even WANT this t-shirt? And this is the "easiest" in the humor this site has... a little disturbing!) *I have to make a confession ...I have found a new love... it is all I think about ... its all I CRAVE... I just found it & cant get enough of it... for those who have not been informed of my new love... here we are together - the happy couple!

Yes!!! Guacamole Rice Cakes... OH MY GOODNESS... they are so good! I literally can eat a whole bag at once - but to be fair - they are not big bags! And being they are rice cake, they're not HORRIBLE for you like chips could be. They are on sale right now at the grocery store... I'm stopping on the way home & loading up.. you think I'm kidding? Look how good we look together - I'm not joking!

*Bachlorette Fragment - I have no words... my poor Reid is gone... & I'm just embarassed for ED... I cant even go further about the situation! Just excited for the "Men tells All" show on Monday!

*So you Think you can dance Fragment - Look at our little Travis from past seasons coming back & making a great dance! Best line of the show though was from Debbie Allen to my dear sweet Evan: "You know how to handle your big girl!" - talking about how his dancer was taller then him... Evan has my heart - but I do love them all this year...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


  1. I love those guac chips/rice cake things as well! YUMMY!!

  2. I just spotted those Tortillaz at the store a few days ago and wondered if they'd be any good. I'm going to have to try them now! I, too, hated Reid to go on "The Bachelorette"...what a cutie! I can't wait to see what happens on the final episode!

  3. I like Moulin Rouge, too, but it creeps me out sometimes. Not as much as that funeral site would, though. Ha - that was a funny fragment. :)

    I have to try those guac rice cakes. They sound great!

    And oh, Reid. From the previews, we think that maybe someone comes back and tries again - and if so, I hope it's Reid. Just so I can see him again, b/c I know she won't accept him.

    Ed. I really didn't think they could possibly mean what they meant. But they did.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. LOL at the funeral humor. FIL has recently started working part time for a local funeral home, I will have to share. He retired 7 years ago but can't stand to not work!

  5. Can you believe that I haven't seen Moulin Rouge yet? I know, I know - but I want of these days I'm going to have a couple of hours of just ME time and finally watch it... :)

    In other news...I just started reading the Time Traveler's Wife, too!! LOVE it so far! At least I know when that movie comes out, hubby is also looking forward to seeing it! :)

    I haven't seen those rice cakes here yet...I'll have to check on my second attempt at my bi-monthly grocery shopping later this morning... :)

    I was disappointed that Jillian let Reid go and kept Ed...I'm looking forward to the 'tells all' epi, too...should be interesting to see how Wes weasels out of questions...

    Happy FF! :)

  6. Guacamole Rice Cakes huh? Might have to check that out! The beard thing is just weird.

  7. What the? $75 for that, really? Wow.

    I know, I loved Travis's dance! I seriously got teary eyed, but I'm a baby when it comes to that stuff. And Debbie's comment was so funny! Big girl!

  8. I have to try those cakes. I am so sad that Reid is gone. Who know if he comes back. Something is suppose to happen. I will be ready on Monday also..

  9. I liked that Reid was honest; I think he just felt too rushed. And yeah, Ed. Way too much information, in my opinion. I'm beginning to think Jillian is a flake--who would be talked into revealing that information on national TV? Sheesh.

    I forget almost every book a read about a month or two after I finish it, so I think I will love TTTW; I won't have expectations that it follow the book closely. You're right--everyone likes the book better, usually.

    Um, yeah. That beard? $75? pure craziness.

  10. Moulin Rouge...over and over and over...and still not enough!

    I don't like when I pass a hearse on the road. I always feel like it's a bad omen. Dumb, I know.

    How could they have embarrassed Ed like that on national tv? His humiliation will never be over.

  11. Tortillaz huh? Are they really a match for the Utz? I may need to try some to find out. VC does love the ranch flavor rice crisps by Quaker. I have a feeling these will be a hit! I cannot believe that the etsy seller has sold 217 of those beards???? I'm clearly doing something wrong ;-)

  12. Cute post! And I MUST try the rice cakes :-)

  13. Don't you just love DVR's! It is so nice to go into either room press a button and there a movie is. Since I have little helpers that like to take DVD's out of the box and they are returned scratched, so bring on the DVR :).

    Love to see your smiling face and those Rice Cakes sound yummy, thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh Travis' dance was just amazing.

    Those rice cakes look yummy! And are probably much healthier than my lime tostitos I always munch on.

  15. That beard thing? Just. W-E-I-R-D. What the heck? LOL

    And the t-shirt? Wow. No words.

    The rice cakes sound delish! I may have to search them out and try them. Maybe we'll become BFF, too.

    The Bachelorette...yup, I was shocked to see Reid go too. I thought it would've been Kiptyn...or even Ed after the "situation".

    Crazy stuff!!

  16. I LOVE Moulin Rouge, I usually sing along at top volume *L*

    Those rice cakes look yummy, I will have to watch for them next time I'm home!


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